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Sarah connects–she’s funny, she’s insightful, and she can even be biting. Unlike many Christian women authors who are aiming for the perfect Better Homes and Gardens Brady Bunch award, Sarah’s honest and authentic, with some humour thrown in. And that’s what makes her so engaging. Sheila Wray Gregoire ToLoveHonorandVacuum.com and author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex.

“Sarah made me feel stronger and stronger as she spoke. The testimony and wisdom she shares, touched my heart and inspired me to live fearlessly. Her ability to put words to what I find indescribable at times has impacted and encouraged me in my daily battle with mental wellness. Thank you Sarah for your honesty and your heart to break people from the mental bondage that many struggle with today.” –Pelletier Medel

“I absolutely love Sarah Ball! She speaks from her heart! Sarah is authentic, relatable, and relevant. She has experienced the good and the bad in her life, and she’s able to convey her powerful story in a way that impacts her audience, leaving them feeling hopeful and encouraged!” Renae Paul Television Producer of Devoted at The Miracle Channel

“Sarah Ball was a wonderful keynote speaker at our annual ROVC Fall Ladies’ Retreat. She spoke straight to the heart with love, conviction and care. We look forward to having her back!” Mary Ball Royal Oak Victory Church Calgary Woman’s Leader and Pastors wife.

Hi I’m Sarah Ball

I Speak at conferences, woman’s events, youth events and retreats.

My goal is to present an inspiring message that is authentic, down to earth, funny and fearless. My message sets a fire for hard working, faith filled Christians so they can break free from fear and remove the blocks in their way that are keeping them from living a joy filled and fearless life.

Women’s Events: Women have a very hard time putting themselves first and often this lack of emotional, physical and spiritual care can lead to burnout, anxiety and a deep discontentment in their lives. Living fearless means learning to remove the walls that keep Jesus out and let fear, guilt and shame in. God wants his women to be strong, fearless, full of light and most of all overflowing with the knowledge of His love. I share my personal story of how walking in shame, fear of man and discontentment lead me to a severe mental breakdown and how when I asked God what the greatest lie I believed was he dumped my life upside and healed my mind and heart.

Conferences & Church Events: Young, old, man or woman, humanity shares one common connection. Suffering. When trials come in our lives that is when we begin to take on anxiety, hopelessness and slowly our fire goes out. When we can learn to stand fearless in the fires that come our way we can pursue a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and impactful. I share my personal journey through the fires of mental illness and share how God taught me to stand fearless in the flames, set my thoughts on fire and fully TRUST in him.

Youth Events: Our teens today are facing one of the greatest mental health epidemics of all time. More and more teens struggle with severe anxiety, depression and suicidal despair. The good news is, the younger they learn to take their thoughts captive and know their worth in Christ the stronger their minds and soul will be as they grow. I share my personal journey through all the grit of my mental breakdown and empower teens to take ownership of their thoughts and live fearless lives for Christ.

Pastors & Leaders:  Anyone who has battled mental illness has a story or two of insensitive and unhelpful ways other believers have tried to counsel them. It can leave sufferers feeling isolated and alone in their walk. As a leader or pastor I know your intention to help them is good but often we treat mental illness like we would someone who is going through and emotional struggle.  I minister to hundreds of people through my online courses and online support groups and I want to pass on what helps and what doesn’t and how you can best minster to those in your life battling mental illness. (Skype calls are an option)

When I’m not speaking I am with my husband and five children. My family is one of the most valuable things in my life. Being a mom and wife takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength.  I truly feel it is my greatest call and treasure.  I love to travel, blog, camp and embarrass my teenagers with random accents and dancing.  I am in the process of publishing my book Fearless in 21 Days (out in January 2018) and I am a regular television guest on several national Christian television programs. I am a columnist for City Light News and have been quoted by my agent, editor and friends as being a “serial comma placer.”  – I’m okay with that;)

To connect email me at me@saraheball.com