Fearless in 21 Days

FEARLESS IN 21 DAYS is a testimony of hope and a day-by-day guide to healing the mind using mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual applications for those bound by crippling fear, anxiety, panic disorders, and depression.

Fearless in 21 Days? Pshaw! Not possible. At least, that’s what I used to think.

If you’re like me then you understand long days with the threat of a panic attack looming like a dark thundercloud overhead or the crippling feeling that something bad is about to happen but you aren’t sure what.

In the span of two years, I went from a high-achieving wife, mom, ministry leader, and friend to a woman who couldn’t get out of bed who was afraid of that next vicious panic attack who was skilled at slipping into a bathroom stall to pull myself together.

Anxiety took over my life and my decisions were framed around if I could go out and whether or not anxiety would reveal itself at the worst possible moment.

I began a journey of recovery that seemed hopeless and I remember being so desperate for a book or a resource or a blog post from a Christian who had overcome this dark illness. Nothing. This is the hidden disease.  I felt so incredibly alone.  Then God began to show me the way out in a profound, powerful and practical way and as I began to heal I began to ask…

What did setting the captives free look like? What if other people didn’t have to go through a long, drawn out process to recover from anxiety? What if others could learn all the tools that I learned and grow closer to God while doing it?

The answer to those questions came in book form and with a bold promise.

Fearless in 21 Days: A Survivor’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

If you are ready to have answers that go beyond the formulaic responses of “just pray more” and “stop worrying”, if you are ready to truly understand what it means to cast you cares onto Jesus without them acting like a boomerang, if you are ready to stop panic attacks and breathe deeply again, then you are ready to become Fearless in 21 Days.

Pre-order your copy today. Fearless in 21 Days: A Survivor’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety









3 thoughts on “Fearless in 21 Days”

  1. lauralee says:

    So looking forward to this!! I’ve recommended your blog to so many people since it had been one of the first things I came upon during my season of postpartum anxiety and depression. Thank you for teling your story and showing us that there is hope even on the darkest days. Your story is so powerful because you were able to do the hard work and get completely better!

    1. Sarah E Ball says:

      Laualee, thanks so much for leaving such an encouraging comment. I am so glad that God lead you here.

  2. Marlene says:

    I can’t wait to be able to purchase your book when I start working my new job. I know that its going to help me out so much with this issue. Thank you for sharing your story.

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