A Course For Christians With Anxiety

The Fearless Traveler’s Course is a self paced course designed for Christians who’s life has been stalled due to overwhelming anxiety and panic. The course includes 12 lessons that will lead you on a journey into understanding the physical, mental and spiritual roots of fear and give you the spiritual, mental and emotional tools to help you recover.

Hi Fearless Friend,

My name is Sarah Ball and I am your tour guide through this course. I have been where you are right now, ravished by mental illness, intrusive thoughts, irrational fears, obsessions and debilitating anxiety. For over a year my life was turned into utter darkness.

I am an author, speaker, blogger, mom of five, wife and Christian. I’m not a therapist, psychologist or doctor but I am you healed. You can read more of my story and ABOUT ME here.

When I went through my breakdown, as much as I sought out professional advice for my anxiety what I so desperately needed was to hear from another Christian who battled this and won. I needed hope that I could be free from this spiral and have solid encouragement that I was not going crazy.

As I began to recover I took travel notes of all the places God took me, all of the things he showed me, things in my mind, body and spirit that needed healing. I couldn’t bare to have Christian pat answers to my illness be my only solution – “just pray more” “you just need more faith” “maybe you need deliverance from the spirit of fear or a demon” “Maybe this will be the thorn in your side” “Just ‘give it’ to God” and so on. These responses were so painful to me because I wanted to just be able to read my bible more and pray more and make it all go away but it didn’t!

The first things I wanted to know when I became ill were:

Why is this happening to me?

What scriptures do I need to know and how do they apply?

What practical tools and applications can I use to heal my mind?

How do I control intrusive thoughts?

How can I sleep better?

 What hope do I have for a full recovery, is this me forever? 

In this course I set out to answer all of these questions and so much more but first let me tell you how this course came about.

I didn’t just wake up one day anxious and the next day create a course. It was a journey and now it has become a passionate mission of mine to see others like myself set free. In 2015 I wrote an online series called Fearless in 21 Days that was quoted several times as being one of the best resources for Christian’s with anxiety they had ever came across. My series became very successful even being referred to by many. I received countless emails from sufferers who had found so much hope and help. After my series I began speak on television regularly, sharing my story from panic to praise, people wrote in, “where’s your book?” they’d ask, so for the last two years I have been working at turning Fearless in 21 Days into a book and guess WHAT?!!!!!! (well, I can’t tell you YET but boy oh boy! Exciting news is coming!!!) Then, after countless sad emails from people wanting one on one help, encouragement and  advice I received an email from good writing friend and author/speaker/blogger Sheila Wray Gregoire who wrote me and was like, Hey you should create a course, then a week later someone else wrote me and was like ‘hey, you should create a course’ and then I said to my husband “hey, I think I’m supposed to create a course.”

anddddddd. TA DA!!!

I surveyed over 100 Christians battling moderate to severe anxiety asking them what they needed, then I developed the course and took 10 readers who volunteered to beta test my course and give me ‘hold no prisoner’ honest feedback. It blew my mind!

Wanna hear from some experienced travellers? 

(Here’s a sneak peek into two recent Fearless Travellers – there will be more testimonials when the doors open.)


There is amazing spiritual guidance in the workshop as well as practical guidance. This is not some surface level teachings that will leave you feeling more frustrated than before, she really has you dig down to begin your own healing.

I wanted to share my experience going through this. I have struggled the past 2 years with anxiety and recently had some bought’s of depression thrown in. To say that last year was the hardest year of my life is an understatement. One of the things that helped me when I was at my worst was reading Sarah E. Ball’s blog and getting that spiritual insight that I was so desperately needing and clinging to. When I heard she was going to do an anxiety workshop I jumped on it immediately, what did I have to lose? I haven’t even been able to go through all of the material the way I would like to and it has already begun changing my life. It’s not that she has said things I haven’t heard before or thoughts that haven’t been thrown out there, it’s that it has been put together in a way that makes sense to me and speaks to me. A way that has sparked true change for my life. I enjoyed not only the material but the thoughtful ways it was presented, I was even able to ask her some questions directly and I felt like that was so valuable. There is amazing spiritual guidance in the workshop as well as practical guidance. This is not some surface level teachings that will leave you feeling more frustrated than before, she really has you dig down to begin your own healing. YOU will need to put work into it if you want results, they will not land in your lap but even that will teach you to be an active participant in your life and take back control. Overall I highly recommend this anxiety workshop, if it even helped 25% I would consider it worth it and for me it’s helped so much more than that. I felt like this gave me hope that I could be well again and feeling that way is priceless in my opinion. I truly am doing better now than I have been in these last 2 years even though a lot of my circumstances that initially brought on my anxiety have not changed.



I can honestly say my anxiety has been reduced by 75% and when I do have an attack, I am equipped with the tools to face it head on.

Until I decided to invest in myself, I felt like I was drowning in anxiety. The Fearless Traveler course has marked a turning point in my journey. The community that Sarah has created through this course immediately made me feel supported and less alone. That in turn gave me the strength I needed to push forward. Her techniques and practical steps were easy to integrate into my busy life. Sarah doesn’t sugar coat with Bible verses meant to make you feel better, but instead gives Scripture to support and validate what is actually happening in your mind and body. In addition she gives real life, actionable steps to find peace and acceptance.

I can honestly say my anxiety has been reduced by 75% and when I do have an attack, I am equipped with the tools to face it head on. I am excited to start using these tools with my twelve year old son who battles panic attacks. As well as improve my relationship with my husband and daughter.

I am no longer drowning. I am back on dry land. Thank you Sarah for being my tour guide on this journey. – Shandrea


What’s in the course? 

In this course, you will learn how to:

  •  Learn why you’re anxious and learn not to resent it
  •  Learn to control anxious and intrusive thoughts
  •  Learn a specific technique that’s very effective in reducing panic attacks
  •  Recognize and address the top 3 types of thinking that are holding you back

and so much more like….

  • Take back control and not let anxiety dictate your life.
  • Grow in a closer relationship with Jesus.
  • Learn 5 key lies that are keeping you anxious.
  • Find out what “spiritual deliverance” from anxiety really means.
  • Be covered in prayer as you go through this course.
  • Learn effective practical tools to overcome anxiety, intrusive thoughts, physical sensations and more.
  • Join a safe non-judgmental community of people who are all encouraging one another to break free. 
  • Join in on LIVE Facebook Q&A’s with ME.
  • Get lot’s of fun printables and workbooks to inspire you and help you work through your journey. 
  • Live fearlessly and show up to life again!

Sign up today to hold your spot in the course and learn more about why you should take this trip of a lifetime!!!