Buried in Hopelessness? 

I truly believe that hopelessness is one of the most evil emotions we can feel and it comes straight from the pit of nothingness.

Deeper Still – A New Year’s Resolution for the Soul.

My fearless friend, you’ve weighted your schedule and plate with resolutions to fix what you think isn’t good enough about you. You’re letting your shame of not being enough to declare this a new year to fix your body, your weight, your bank account, your lack of friends, your lifestyle, your external happiness. And underneath this heap resolutions based on insecurity is a soul begging for nourishment and a spirit longing for connection.

Self-Pity is Not Prayer

I had spent many, many years whining & complaining before the Lord and the whole time I thought it was…

Being Thankful For The Process

My confession is that I don’t handle waiting for things very well.  I don’t handle waiting for situations to get…

How to Stand Fearless in The Fire

What does it mean to live fearless in the fire? “Look!” Nebuchadnezzar shouted. “I see four men, unbound, walking around…