Your NEW to-do List – Closed Doors and Open Doors

I’m sitting here at my desk with a cold cup of tea in front of me and a bowl of sunflower seeds resting on top of my note pad (my thinking snack). This note pad has two columns titled –  Closed Doors and Open Doors. This is my new to-do list. I don’t think I will ever go back.

I have been stuck in a closed door funk for the last few months. Pouting and sulking over closed doors that I have been trying to jimmy open forever! They won’t budge. Meanwhile, the unlocked doors that lay before me have been grandly ignored by my procrastination.

I know I am not alone in this hallway but I am getting bored of the beige walls.

My life has been an episode of opened and closed doors, interestingly I’m beginning to see a pattern.



When God has closed doors in my life there are no windows that open (silly quote) the door… is… closed. 

The slamming of the door hurts and it is usually tied to MY identity, MY plans and often what I think is the solution to MY pain and discontentment.

Having doors closed to me often stirs up jealousy..  “How come THEY get that door opened to them and I DON’T?!”

Depression.. “Nothing good ever opens up for me”

and discouragement “Why do I even bother?”



However, when I have seen an open door in-front of me my human response is often fear, procrastination (which is fear) and fear of letting go of the closed doors to move into the new ones!

Are you still with me?

You get this right?

We live in a perpetual state of open and closed doors and our human nature is to resist what is open and curse what is closed. 

We live in a perpetual state of open and closed doors and our human nature is to resist what is open and curse what is closed. #keys #openthedangdoor Click To Tweet

Wow, Jesus has his work cut out for him!


Closed Doors & Open Ones – Your New to-do List

Anytime I have decided to move forward in the open doors that God has set before me a strange spiritual experience always occurs. A deep prayer of surrender. This grieving and letting go gives me the freedom and courage to walk into the new. Every time I walk out of the beige hallway full of dusty framed photos of what I want my life to be into this strange open door I am met with a whole new perspective and an exciting new adventure!

Today, I made a list. Not a to-do list but a list of the closed doors and the open doors that are before me. I am making a conscience decision to step into the open doors and let go of the closed. What’s funny as I notice my list before me. If I were to ask what my motives were behind every closed doors I would have to honestly reply “ego.” When I look at the right hand column entitled Open Doors the motive I see beside each one is “Jesus”


Make your list today!

Sarah B






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