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I can’t express enough how much my former students mean to me and how proud I am of their progress. We really connected as friends and my favourite moments for all of us in the course was the sheer excitement and celebration when someone would have a HUGE victory over their anxiety!

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I started experiencing panic and anxiety attacks when I was 16.  I’m now 39.  I have been in and out of counseling throughout the years, and was diagnosed with bipolar and OCD.  The OCD is what was horrendous for me.  The constant obsessive and obtrusive thoughts would land me in bed for days.  I was afraid to even move.  On and off I would have breakdowns, nothing was helping.  Late in 2016 I suffered from severe depression and landed in the hospital.  It lasted even when I was released.  Around the end of December and the beginning of January of this year the anxiety came back full force.  I was again going through this horrible cycle.

I was on Facebook one day when I came across Sarah’s class.  I read her story, and I thought if she can make it through what she went through, I need to give this class a shot.  She know’s what I’ve been though.  She’s lived it, and came out on the other side.  I felt God leading me to this class, and I’m so glad I obeyed.  I learned to face fear, not run from it.  I learned my God is a loving God, who longs to communicate with me daily.  This was HUGE for me.  I even learned to hear God speak to me, and He was faithful to confirm everything I was hearing.  So, I knew it was Him speaking to me.

I learned so many great techniques that I can take with me throughout the rest of my life.  If you’re contemplating taking this class, I just want to say DO IT.  Take that leap of faith and get your life back.  I promise you’ll be writing an amazing testimony like I am today.  My biggest takeaway is I gained my freedom from obsessive and obtrusive thoughts!!! This is HUGE for me. I have dealt with OCD and Anxiety since I was 16. No one has ever addressed this situation so clearly as Sarah. I can say I am FREE because of this course. Thank you so much.Thank you Sarah!

Meet Shandrea

Until I decided to invest in myself, I felt like I as drowning in anxiety. The Fearless Traveler course has marked a turning point in my journey. The community that Sarah has created through this course immediately made me feel supported and less alone. That, in turn, gave me the strength I needed to push forward. Her techniques and practical steps were easy to integrate into my busy life. Sarah doesn’t sugar coat with Bible verses meant to make you feel better, but instead, gives Scripture to support and validate what is actually happening in your mind and body. In addition, she gives real-life, actionable steps to find peace and acceptance.

I can honestly say my anxiety has been reduced by 75% and when I do have an attack, I am equipped with the tools to face it head on. I am excited to start using these tools with my twelve-year-old son who battles panic attacks. As well as improve my relationship with my husband and daughter.

I am no longer drowning. I am back on dry land. Thank you, Sarah, for being my tour guide on this journey.


The Fearless Traveler Course has changed my life. I stumbled across Sarah’s course after I experienced what I thought was a heart attack. As it turns out, the event  was all stress/anxiety related and not a heart attack at all, which was surprising to me because although I was going through a stressful time, I didn’t really feel particularly stressed when it happened. I decided to give the course a try as it was becoming clearer to me  that I had been experiencing anxiety throughout my life but didn’t realize that’s what it was. I was drawn to Sarah’s course because she offered a Christian perspective on the topic and her story was similar to mine.

I loved the course, Sarah, and the online group! Having gone through her own experience with anxiety, Sarah provided real, practical strategies on how to think about anxiety in a different way. So often friends and family offer advice because they care, but many times that advice can leave you thinking, “Well, thanks- but that didn’t help at all!” Sarah offers strategies that you can implement right away to begin healing. The online group was so supportive and it always felt good to know that I wasn’t the only one feeling a certain way. There is always healing in the sharing. I am grateful that Sarah would use her experience to reach out to help others. If you decide to take this journey with Sarah, I’m sure you’ll be blessed by it.


Meet Meghan

The best description I have for this course is “God breathed”. I don’t mean that in the sense that we should add this information to the biblical canon, but I do believe that no mere human could gain such a deep understanding of anxiety on their own. I have suffered from anxiety ever since I can remember, with the last 4 years being quite intense. No medication, counsellor, or trusted confidant has helped me as much as this course. The wisdom, information, and practical guidance are unparalleled to any Christian literature that I have read on this topic (other than the Bible, of course). For the first time in my life, I have hope that anxiety can be overcome and I truly understand the role that the Lord plays in this process. Sarah has done such a great work of capturing God’s love, compassion, and wisdom in this course and for that, I will be forever grateful.


Meet Delia

Anybody going through anxiety or dealing with depression or looking for some insight and ways in how to manoeuvre through the mess of what their brain seems to be in should give this course a chance. This course, offers some key insights into what works and what doesn’t work, the why’s and how’s and it offers methods & different ways in how to walk through it.

What makes the content in this course so profound is Sarah’s own story of walking out her journey to freedom, beginning, middle & ending and how she’s doing today. There’s nothing better than getting words of wisdom from someone who’s walked the road you’re walking on and seeing their outcome. Her story has given me such hope and I’ve gained lots of insight and tools to help me on my journey. Sarah’s story along with the scriptural and practical applications will provide you with the understanding and knowledge needed to walk through your own journey.

I’ve noticed a substantial difference in how I handle my anxiety since taking the course by using the tips and tools provided in this course. Will you get results? That part depends on you and if you are willing to do the work. This course definitely impacted me and will continue to be a guide to look back on as I journey my way to wholeness! I appreciate Sarah so much for all the work she has put into this course and creating such an amazing tool to help others that are on a similar journey!

I so enjoyed the Fearless Travelers Course and once through was not enough! I will be returning to all of the resources, again and again, knowing each time through I am coming from a new, better, less fearful place but probably still with room to grow. Sarah was a great guide – easy to listen to, comforting and yet challenging me all along the way.



This course was the most well-rounded help I’ve gotten for my anxiety. Sarah gave some practical tips for dealing with stressful moments, while also helping me to think about things in a different way. I realized that I don’t need to have it all together, I’ve learned to stop expecting things to be a certain way, and I learned how I hear from God better. My “inside world” isn’t so dark and scary anymore, because I am beginning to be okay with me the way I am. The bonus to this course was that I was part of a Facebook community that could relate to the way I was feeling!  



Meet Christine

I was so impressed by the use of scripture, constantly reminding me who God is and who I am. Fear and anxiety are not my identities – not by a long shot! God’s word is never changing and I feel like I was constantly being drawn back to Him and His promises thanks to Sarah’s guidance and encouragement.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who struggles with anxiety on any scale!


Meet Lola

Through my season of anxiety, I honestly don’t know what I would have done if God hadn’t put Sarah Ball into my life. Having been debilitated by anxiety I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to. I felt so crazy, so alone and so hopeless. When I read Sarah Ball’s story From Panic to Praise I felt like I was handed a life-line. I wasn’t alone and yes, there was even hope for this troubled mind. She actually recovered, she is living life to the fullest again. This was a huge shot of hope. But how did she recover fully? How can a mind become whole again? Where is God in all of this? I had so many questions. So when the opportunity to do the Fearless Travelers Course came up I jumped at it. So hungry for answers, so desperate for healing. The Fearless Travelers Course was a complete gift of hope. Through the journey in the Fearless Travelers Course, Sarah put a ton of tools in my hands. Physical tools, emotional tools, and spiritual tools.

Someone who has been in the pit of this horrible fear and has found the tools to climb out has now come back to show us what tools work best and how to use them. What I felt comforted with the most was how much she can relate to every scenario, every thought, sensation. It’s not just me. In this course, you can taste the rawness of her story and the certainty of her Hope. It’s not just text book answers or well-intentioned comments from people who have never been there before. I appreciated that so much.

This course is so well thought out. Tackling every area and not shying away from anything. Giving information in bite size pieces so that it doesn’t overwhelm me.

Did this course help me? Yes! Once you learn something, you can’t “unlearn” it. These tools have been incredibly helpful to me. And now I have tools that I can share with others too.

Hope. Such a powerful word. This course gave me such hope and even taught me the how to see the beauty in this mess.

I don’t think you could put a price tag on a course like this. This is life changing, life giving and I will never forget how much this has impacted me. Because of this course, my family will get their wife, mom, daughter, sister back!




Meet Danielle

I wanted to share my experience going through this. I have struggled the past 2 years with anxiety and recently had some boughts of depression thrown in. To say that last year was the hardest year of my life is an understatement. One of the things that helped me when I was at my worst was reading Sarah E. Ball’s blog and getting that spiritual insight that I was so desperately needing and clinging to. When I heard she was going to do an anxiety workshop I jumped on it immediately, what did I have to lose? I haven’t even been able to go through all of the material the way I would like to and it has already begun changing my life. It’s not that she has said things I haven’t heard before or thoughts that haven’t been thrown out there, it’s that it has been put together in a way that makes sense to me and speaks to me. A way that has sparked true change for my life.

I enjoyed not only the material but the thoughtful ways it was presented, I was even able to ask her some questions directly and I felt like that was so valuable. There is amazing spiritual guidance in the workshop as well as practical guidance. This is not some surface level teachings that will leave you feeling more frustrated than before, she really has you dig down to begin your own healing. YOU will need to put work into it if you want results, they will not land in your lap but even that will teach you to be an active participant in your life and take back control.

Overall I highly recommend this anxiety workshop, if it even helped 25% I would consider it worth it and for me, it’s helped so much more than that. I felt like this gave me hope that I could be well again and feeling that way is priceless in my opinion. I truly am doing better now than I have been in these last 2 years even though a lot of my circumstances that initially brought on my anxiety have not changed.




If you want to take the step today and start taking back your life and putting anxiety in it’s place sign up here and join The Fearless Traveler!

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