Online Anxiety Course – 5 Unexpected Things I Learnt From Leading One

Did you know that I was in army cadets as a teen? In fact, after I aged out of the program I returned as an employed civilian officer and taught the kid’s survival skills.  It was a lot of fun taking them on winter camping excursions and assigning them to the all night fire watch while I sat in a warm cabin.

I taught them how to build a fire, shelter, shoot a gun, and how to march but the part I was really dreaded teaching them was mapping skills. I was horrible at it!

When I was a cadet the officers would blindfold us, stick us in the back of an army vehicle drive us 10 miles outside of base camp and drop us off in the middle of the forest with a water canteen, a coordinates map and a compass. “See you back at camp!” they’d snicker.

There were no roads, no signs and no one telling you where to go. We had to rely on our training, our mapping skills and our ability to work as a team. I was awful at reading maps and compasses it made no sense to me, even after years of training, so I always looked to the other cadets for their knowledge. Had I been in a group where no one else knew I would have been forced to pay close attention and makes decisions to find my way back to camp. Because I was never forced to do it alone, I never learnt. So, I became a horrible mapping teacher.

When I finally learnt how to read a map

When I had my breakdown years ago. I felt like I was driven blindfolded out into the desert and left for dead. This time, no map, no compass and no “team.”  It was the most alone and lost feeling I had ever experienced. This time I had no one else to rely on to get me out… it was me and God.  I made a deep promise to myself that when I found my way back,  I would map it out for others and show them how to get back too.

Over the last 12 weeks, I have handed that map over to 40 students, teaching them how to handle being lost, how to know where they are and where they are going and how to get there.  I felt so unequipped when I tried to teach cadets how to read a map over 20 years ago because I never had to do it on my own. This time, having taken this journey alone and successful at finding my way out I found taking 40 students through a desert of anxiety with my map was challenging, fulfilling and so WORTH IT!

Online Anxiety Course - Your guided journey out

I was surprised but not ( cause that’s how God works) how much I discovered on this journey, this time in the lead…

5 Unexpected Things I Learnt From Leading An Online Anxiety Course

  1. I was surprised by how much I would truly love my students. I never expected to think about them all day, wondering how they were, taking interested in their lives and so grieved when they had a hard day and so joyful when they found victory.  As I tied up the last week of the 12-week course I felt pouty.
  2. I didn’t realise that once I stepped out on this journey to help others I couldn’t turn back. I didn’t realise how much this would change my goals and focus for the next stage in my life. It turned from a good thing I should do to my life purpose.
  3. I made the right move keeping this course available for life. I stressed a lot to my students that everyone’s journey was different. We were all placed in different parts of the forest and therefore our journeys were not all the same.  Everyone’s pace is different.  So making this online anxiety course available for life was an absolute!
  4. I had several “oh, hell no” experiences throughout leading this online anxiety course. Often in the lies that would come up in students about God’s thoughts towards them. I found myself praying and crying out to God on their behalf. Oh Hell No Satan, You’re Not Stealing That Truth From Them!  Also, the lies and criticisms that hit me as I stepped out OH HEEEELLLL NO, you’re not discouraging me from saving lives.
  5.  My student’s genuine responses from the course made it clear to me to dream bigger!  God said “go after the one!” and then he gave us the internet!  So I made a decision to open this course again! EEEEEKKKKK!!! Stay tuned in the next few weeks as I roll out several options for you to start living fearlessly, Or click here and be the first to know when it starts.

Note to my students:

Before I get sign off,  I really wanted to put out a public thank you to my first group of students and my beta testers for being fearless in your pursuit for freedom. This wasn’t easy and there is still a road ahead for you but I am beyond confident that God has you on the right path! Thank you for all your feedback and encouragement to me! Thank you for your vulnerability and your Christ-filled love for the others in the group. You guys were such a blessing!

Sarah B

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  1. Wendy Dewar Hughes says:

    You did a good job. I found the course very calming as I’ve gone through a difficult winter with my mom’s death and everything that needs to be done afterward. I signed up for the course kind of on impulse. It just seemed right at the time I heard about it. I’ve had trouble sleeping for a long time, waking up in the night with a racing mind. I learned some valuable strategies in the course that have calmed my nights down and I’m getting better rest. Thanks for doing this. It is really valuable.

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