Let’s Make Our Own Lives Great Again

It’s pretty much impossible to sit down to write a blog post in the midst of one of the most historic elections of all time. Who wants to blog about politics? I sure don’t.

As a writer, if I hit writer’s block, which happens more than you know, I often scroll through social media to see what is on people’s minds, where their concerns are, what is the mindset of the day and how does God fit into that.

But today I look and scroll, and I am quickly lost in the self defeating voices, posts,  letters to America, the rants, the conspiracy videos, the humor. I see protests and friends against friends and scriptures of how God is still on His throne and I see a resurgence of racist rhetoric and women crying because they feel like their rights will be ignored, and I see a nation fallen into the deception that all of their futures, hopes, dreams, and livelihood are in the hands of one person.

I see a nation fallen into the deception that all of their futures, hopes, dreams, livelihood are in the hands of one person. Click To Tweet

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, and we will pause at 11 am for a moment of silence to remember the fallen ones, the sacrifices and the freedom we take for granted for our own advantages.


As America continues to rage and thrash and cry out over this election my heart tomorrow will be on my Grandfather who served Canada and the world in WWII and the difference he made in my life and my families. I will also be celebrating my husband’s birthday tomorrow, the one man who always puts mine and his family’s needs before his own and serves his family, God and commitments with all of his heart with a fierce loyalty.

As much as the nation of America and Canada was established by policy, politicians, declarations and treaty’s, I do know, without a doubt, that the true heart of our nations were built on the backs of people. Pioneer women who let their husband’s lead them into the harsh lands, working tirelessly to do their best to make a home, with very little political freedom or say. Our nations were also built on the broken backs of men who took great risks to defend their families, start a new life in a new land, and establish their lives.  I also know that our nations would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the families instilling values of freedom, respect and hard work to each one of their children, one on one, not from a pulpit or a podium.


If we begin to ever think that our future is determined by our “elect”, then we have fallen into one of the most dangerous deceptions we could ever fall into.

We determine our futures, we put our hands to the plow no matter the climate, (political, spiritual) and we make a difference in our nations by the difference we make in our marriages, our homes, our churches and our work places.

If we begin to lose our resilience as a people of God, dependent on laws and policy to determine our peace and direction we will perish under the hand of that “elect”.

I sure hope tomorrow when I wake up I see more poppies than politics.

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