Muuusssssttt Spaaaaa …. For such a time as this….

Well I made it! I reached the middle aged milestone. I celebrated with 7 girlfriends as we traveled to the coast in search of relaxation, pampering and fun! And Boy, did we cross a lot off that list! The spa was ridiculous and I texted my hubby warning him that a spa monster could be arising in me. “MUSSSSTTT SPPAAAA GRRR”

I have always been a huge advocate of self-care, but pampering? Me? Yes please!

One can only be pampered for so long before the ego monster completely takes over, but I absolutely believe in taking time to rest, pamper, and prepare ourselves – bodies, minds and spirits for the responsibilities that lay ahead.

As we sat on the deck, overlooking the ocean, in our sppppaaaa robes, my friend commented that she felt like Esther, being prepared for such a time as this….

It was true, all of us ladies with different responsibilities and callings and burdens, knowing that this was just a prelude to what was ahead, a pause in the spinning of everyday life, a moment to inhale and exhale and steady ourselves.

“ooo that’s good!” I declared as we indulged on crepes and strawberries.

However, that word, that we were like Esther seemed to stick with us, coming up again and again as we laughed, cried, prayed, pampered, explored and even got shhhh’ed by our neighbours… oops.

Then one afternoon my friend ran up to me, after laying in the sun with her bible app on her phone.

“Listen to this…” she read

Esther 4: 13 (NKJV) For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”


We both paused, looking onto the endless ocean…


“Woah..” we breathed as we paused…not an awkward pause.. but a holy pause.

What a weight of responsibility Esther was faced with, and it wasn’t even to save the world, like us women often believe and strive for, but to save her household. It wasn’t to shrink back as we age and get more tired and more whip-lashed by the strain of life, but to step up, to speak up. Mordecai knew that God would fulfill his promise and eventually deliver the Jews, but she was given a chance to prepare herself to save herself and her house.

Mordecai knew that God would fulfill his promise and eventually deliver the Jews, but she was given a chance to prepare herself to save herself and her house. Click To Tweet

In our group of 8 women, me included, we had women with 6 kids, 5 kids, 4 kids, 3 kids, 2 kids and 1 kid. In fact, in total, we had 23 children between all of us.


If on average each of those children had 2.5 children that would be 57.5 grandchildren between all of us! And if we continue to live this pampering life style and live to 100 and those children have children.. then we are up to 143.75 great grandkids!  So over 3 generations we could have an influence over a minimum of 224.25 souls!!!!

Wow ladies, for such a time as this…



This year, I am preparing to launch one teen into 18, my 14 year old into manhood, and my littles into amazingness. I have a book that will be published, events to speak at, and television shows to minister through. I have a marriage to nurture, a job to give my best effort to, and friends and family to care for… If this is my it, my moment, then I accept the challenge, fears included, doubt included and insecurity included…

but right after another facial

…ahhhhhh spppaaaa


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