How to Start a Fire and Change the World

1:30 am yesterday morning my husband’s phone started sounding an alarm, we both shot up out of bed. The alarm was through an app on his phone for emergencies in Alberta. An Amber alert had been issued for a 5 year old girl, her mother had been found dead, and the little girl is feared to have been abducted. We sat up and prayed for her, and then checked on our children,  we both tried to regain our normal and fall asleep.

Darkness,  sorrow and tragedy can seem to lurk around every corner. We are often left wondering what difference we can make, or what power we actually have to change anything. Below is a message I had preached last year, and I really needed to hear it again. The best way to make a difference in this world and in our own lives is to start a fire! That’s where the power is!

If you have a chance to listen to this whole message, I know you will be blessed.

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