How to support people with platforms

tribune speeches room microphone

tribune speeches room microphone

I recently posted an article on Brett Ullman’s blog called – The Invention of the Teen . Brett ‘travels North America speaking to teens, young adults, leaders and parents on topics including sexuality, mental health, men, dating and media.’

BJ Condrey is the other author and blogger I recently posted for. I wrote a post called – A Canadians Guide to Surviving a Spiritual Winter. I first heard about BJ, when I stumbled upon his very personal OCD testimonial book, and tracked him down to guest blog for me. You can read his post here. Heal Me or Kill Me.

In the past,  I have blogged for Sheila Wray Gregoire a several times – my latest was Why is He Stressing About THAT? Bearing Each Other’s Burdens. I met Sheila at a writer’s conference several years ago. We have developed a supportive blogging friendship, as we both tackle taboo subjects. I owe her another guest post soon!

I recently got off the phone with one of my other writing, speaking friends, Sherry Stahl. Sherry,  is just beginning to walk through some pretty awesome doors. A door that needs to be opened as she spreads a message of God’s love and faith.  Her blog…

I have to be honest and say that before I was involved in writing and speaking, I didn’t realize how many Christians were behind the scenes writing, speaking, and ministering. We hear about Billy Graham, Beth Moore, and Joyce Myers, and even though they are still working tirelessly to spread the truth, there are many other people who are speaking touring and writing, because God has called them to this, but it’s not easy, and we need to show them our support.

More and more God is giving people, men & women, platforms to speak from. A cause to commission, or a giant to stand up to. It takes a lot of guts, self-reflection and sacrifice to be that voice, and it is not an easy road.

We as “spiritual consumers” browse over these articles, videos as just another pop up on our iPhone, but I want to remind you that these are real people behind these voices.

The purpose of this post, is for us to become encouragers.  The contrast between light and darkness is becoming ever more intense, and therefore the consequences of speaking the truth is becoming even more difficult and even risky, they need our support. Here’s a few reasons why…

There is a weighty expectation on them to have it all figured out.

You have to encourage others and share God’s message even on days where you feel faithless and hopeless.

People forget you’re human with problems, shortcomings, sins and emotions.

You risk offending other Christians. Many of these voices are speaking against the church, for the church!

They receive rejection and criticism a lot, openly.

They often sacrifice family, marriage and friends time to write, speak, travel ect.

Satan strongly opposes them with sickness, relational strains and finances.

They  balance vulnerability, transparency and the regret of sharing too much.

People get jealous of the publicity but have no idea the cost, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even financially it took to get there.

They often have to live the pain and problems to  be given the authority to speak about the solution.

So next time you see that blogger that has posted a truth article, or shed light on a cause. Or next time you see a video of someone sharing their knowledge or even posting their failures, support them. Next time a speaker comes to your church, bless them!  Here’s how…

Comment on their stuff

Share their stuff on social media

Send them a personal thank you

Pray for them

Financially bless them

Tell others about them

Buy their books

These are just a few thoughts of mine today!

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  1. Sheila Gregoire says:

    Love this! and you do owe me another guest post soon. 🙂

    Wish we lived closer in real life–that’s another way to support people with platforms. Be a friend in real life, because sometimes it seems like we spend our lives talking into computer screens.

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