Ready to be blessed?

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We don’t have a very big church, so this past Sunday, our worship team consisted of my husband and his guitar singing Christmas Carols. The presence of God was so strong, many of us couldn’t compose the tears from the revelation of God’s faithfulness, His steadfast support during the rough patches over the last year, the humble story of a baby born into a broken world, and the hope of moving forward into new things.

This is my first post in over a month. I purposefully took a month off, not for any specific reason on my part- but  I felt God ask me to lay it all down for a season and seek Him. It was’t easy at first, and I had my own idea of where God wanted to guide me in this season. However, it ended up being an unexpected venture in laying things down, picking things up and changing mindsets.

Going into this month, I expected to deal with my attitudes, my weaknesses and my ‘issues’, but contrary to my self analysis of what needed to change, God set me on a path to accepting His strengths, His promises and His desire to bless me and my family abundantly. Basically, God spent this last month dealing with my poverty mentality, my religious guilt, and my limited imagination. Go figure…

God wants His people positioned for influence.  He wants us to be living above water, not drowning. He wants us to be rowing ferociously in the direction he is calling us to, instead of being stuck bailing out water out of our leaky boats.

We need to stop accepting defeat and ‘good enough.’ God’s challenge to me was – Is that what you want for your children –  ‘good enough?’

No I want my kids to live abundantly, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Don’t you?

This next year, I believe is going to be like a piñata’. We have to go into this year swinging, even if we feel blind folded and we don’t even know what to swing at. Take chances, hit as hard as you can and watch the breakthroughs you have been contending for, fill your pockets with blessing!

If you’re in, I’m in!

Missed you all!

P.S – You have to check out this video. This is a project that my church worked on! So much fun. Instead of a Christmas Kids production, we decided to do a video, so during our  celebration we could all just sit back and relax. It was the funniest thing to do! Yes, I’m the narrator, and my kids voices are the angel, joseph, and one of the narrators voice. My two teens and hubby were Shepherds. lol so fun!

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