Going Deeper

When I was 14 I was in Army Cadets, off on a training exercise, harnessed to ropes, at the top of a 4 story tower, staring down below. I refused to jump. I wasn’t refusing the exercise, but I refused to be the one to take that step; so I said to the army officers “if you want me to jump, you’re going to have to push me!” So after a count of 1….2…..& 3, they pushed me hard off this tower and I fell 4 stories down, with only a harness and a rope to catch me.  It was exhilarating!

I still hate heights, and it took more coaxing on my part to get ME to cliff dive two summers ago, than it did my 5 year old! He loved it!


Victory always begins with facing the fear of falling! Click To Tweet

This leads me to my post today. I am taking a month off blogging to pursue God. I have just been feeling very strongly that I need to jump and go deeper with God, and I can’t be hanging onto anything else as I do that. In order for me to have a voice, I need to strengthen my ears to hear from God, and that takes sacrifice and devoted time.

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See you soon!

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