Road to Freedom – Taking back more!

Driving through the beautiful fall weather, back to the place I grew up, with my new friend along side, a lot of reminiscing filled the car. I was back in my old stomping grounds, the place where all my memories lay, the good ones, the bad ones and the shameful ones. 

We were on our way to a woman’s retreat where I would be speaking at. As we drove I began to share a part of what I felt God calling me to speak to these women on. One of the insights I shared with my friend was that a Battle is only declared when the victim decides to take back what their enemy has stolen from them. As I began to get heated up, thinking about all that the enemy robs from us, our childhoods, our innocence, our peace, our children, our marriages etc.. I shared with her that because the victory is ours, it changes our strategy in war against the devil. It means, when we fight and win, we go back in and take back MORE than what the enemy stole from us.


As I was passionately sharing my heart for battle, my friend said “kind of weird that you are preaching this message in theIMG_1063 same area satan robbed so much from you.”

OMG! I can say that right? Cause I mean it! Oh My God! She was right, there I was, about to step into a room of women I had never met and declare battle. I had already taken back in my life, though the grace and healing of God, what Satan had stolen from me, but I was just about to pull into this retreat centre and TAKE MORE!!!!!!!!

God was so faithful this weekend to inspire women to take back their lives and fight for what was truly their inheritance from God, and I was filled completely by what I saw God do. My arms are full of SPOIL and the riches of God’s freedom!

Keep fighting, don’t give up!




2 thoughts on “Road to Freedom – Taking back more!”

  1. Shawndra says:

    “…when we fight and win, we go back in and take back MORE than what the enemy stole from us.” How awesome is that thought. How amazing is our God. And true in my experience as well. The very places where we have suffered so much defeat becomes the place that God pours out His Spirit to heal us and the people around us. Thank you for this.

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      Thank you Shawndra! God is awesome and we are more than conquerors!

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