My Personal Response To The 2015 – Blog Survey Results


Last week I sent out a survey to all of my blog connections, so I could find out more about you. 

I remember as a teenager, talking on the phone with my dear best friend Heather, who recently passed away – when my mom piped in and whispered – “all you are doing is talking about yourself, aren’t you going to ask her anything!”

Truth bomb.

 I really appreciated it, and to this day, when I’m rambling on, I can hear my mother’s voice reminding me that it’s not all about me. Thanks Mom!

This survey, was my attempt at getting to know you a bit better so I can blog better, and serve you better.

I didn’t ask a lot of personal questions, and I kept it short and simple, and in the future I will want to know what you eat for breakfast! But for now, here is what I have concluded…



Survey Results

  • My readers are 86% female and 14% male. 
  • I have readers of all ages as young as 18 up to 80, with the highest being the 35-44 range.
  • it’s almost a 50/50 split of kids to no kids under 18
  • most readers found me through a link from another blog or website, and through the recommendation of a friend. (I’m thinking of breaking up with Twitter now)
  • I have faithful readeDollarphotoclub_45956182rs, with the majority have stuck with me for over 2 years and I have an almost equal amount of new readers. Welcome!!
  • Only one person NEVER reads my blog posts, (not offended, thanks for the survey though) and I have some number one fans and friends who ALWAYS read (kiss kiss) and a lot of occasional readers ( I love you too!)
  • Mental Health Posts took the lead by a hair, leaving Devotionals in the dust, and personal posts a close second. 
  • Half of you have recommended my blog to others (BIIIIIGGGG SQUEEZE)
  • and last but not least, you all left me the most sincere comments and encouragement, (who knew one could tear up over stats) The most common comment repeated in at least 75% of the comments “keep doing what you’re doing!” Wow – is that confirmation from above or what?!  These kind of comments helped me step off the discouraged blogging bridge. Thank you. 


My Conclusions

I still don’t know what you eat for breakfast, but I have concluded that I have a beautiful diverse readership, all in pursuit of wholeness. Eager to learn from the mountains I have climbed, and generous to encourage me as I do. I have old and young, which is such a blessing, because we can uphold one another, like I blogged about the other day in my posts Strong But Lonely. I have a very big support system through you, I feel championed by you, thank you.


My Heart

God is doing amazing things through this little blog, that started off as a mother venting venture and has evolved into a ministry, reaching thousands of people. It’s been recommended by the anxiety centre as a great resource for anxiety, and I am daily receiving emails from people who have said that reading my Fearless in 21 Days series has reduced their anxiety significantly!

 Who knew I would go through  such a transformation as I journeyed through life, through such hard times, with many of you right by my side.  I have steered away many times with writing, unsure of myself, lacking confidence or vision, but every time I am ready to quit (which is more often than you know) God brings me back here. He’s called me to this.

To be honest, some days (nah, everyday) I have the “are you sure you’re not delusional and crazy?” self talk. Because I spend hours a day, trying to send a message of hope to people who are bound, and need freedom. On those days I feel like quitting, then I get an email from someone who tells me that my blog saved their life, or they have so much hope again, or that they feel like I am writing just for them and they don’t feel so alone; and in those moments God breaks me, and I’m gutted, and I’m humbled, and I pray “your will God, not mine”

My Call For Support

Financial Support

I don’t make money blogging, The truth is I have made about $150 in 4 years, in google ads. That google check was such a celebration for me! lol I spent it on groceries – Woot! 

Virtuous Woman Exposed, is turning into a teen with an attitude now, and she needs bigger shoes. 

On average I spend about $160/month on web service, hosting, licensed photos, writing conferences and more, so I can grow and get better and reach more people. I had absolutely no intention of asking for help when I sat down to blog this morning, and in 4 years blogging this is the first time I have ever done this. However, Virtuous Woman Exposed needs bigger shoes, ( a more professionally designed blog) and I have maxed out my self-taught coding skills to design my blog better, and when I code, I die inside a little bit more, not to mention the hours I spend. lol. I want to create some products like video series, and CD recordings that can really help reach more people, especially my Fearless in 21 Days Series, that is, touching so many people. 

If you feel called to support this ministry, you can donate securely through pay pal (located on the right sidebar). All donations will go towards blog costs. 


Prayer Support 

Often writers are tucked away in some hole somewhere, and yet we are reaching thousands, even millions with our message. Writing is a ministry, even if it’s not on a stage behind a microphone.  Often I come under heavy fire after a strong blog post. I could really use your prayer support to keep me protected, spiritually, physically and mentally, and also for financial provision. Also for my writing ministry that God would use it to reach nations, and break chains off of people!  Please pray for me, as I pray for you!!!

My Thank youIMG_6665

You would think I won an oscar, but I am so sincere in saying that I could not do what I do without the support of my readers like you (hey, I just had a Sesame Street flash back) BUT I”M SERIOUS!!! Thank you all so very much, and thank you for those of you who took the time to answer my blog questions!







What I’m reading right now – loving Michael Hyatt’s humble perspective, that writing is about the reader, and humility and generosity are key to getting your message  heard.


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