The Back to School Plan for Real Moms


Okay Real Moms – take a deep breath, because school is almost in! 

Isn’t September to us school moms like our New Years?

It’s when we set our resolutions to be more organized, more patient, more supermom . We vow to do homework with our children every evening, we promise that we will pack nutritious lunches and communicate with our teachers better. We promise to comb hair more often, never forget to sign permission forms, and always send thoughtful Valentines, Christmas, Easter and end of school gifts.




(excuse me I’ll be right back)


 Sorry I just needed a moment to hyperventilate into the Spiderman lunch kit.

I don’t call myself a school expert, but I have been a school mom for over 11 years, and there have been glorious moments where I have brought jaw dropping themed school snacks, and brought 101 items to 100 day, incase someone forgot one thing.  I am also the mother of the kid who forgot to wear shoes to school on the field trip to a farm day. I am also the mom who forgot almost every other half day pick ups, and who rsvp’s for birthday parties the morning of.

I have learnt that I kind of suck at juggling it all. So through some big parenting fails, and embarrassments, I finally came to the place where I no longer strive to do what will please the teachers, and impress the parents. I strive, get organized, and prepare for creating a peaceful rhythm in my home for the school year.

What if, your goal for this “new year” was to plan for peace in your home, not perfection.

What if we set the pace that works for our family that encourages rest, family time, date nights, faith and EVERYTHING else has to fit into those or its gone!

Easier said than done, when your daughter has been sleeping with the gymnastics sign up form and you know that includes 3 bingos and a poinsettia crusade. I am not saying that extras have to go. My kids are in piano, football, soccer and dance throughout the year. I am a huge supporter of organized activities.


I just don’t want to see any more of you moms killing yourself over trying to please and impress this school year. What’s your motive for all you do?


That peace, joy and rhythm that you desire begins with you!

Begin by planning what you will do this year for yourself for your peace and rhythm, what do you need? Quiet time? Exercise?  Girls nights out? What fuels you?

Plan that 1st! – When all of the other crazy flows out of a fulfilled rested woman you can handle more, and you can handle more with a better attitude toward your family.

2nd – Plan Your Date nights in advance, mark it down! – Nothing is more central to your family’s rhythm and peace than your relationship with your spouse. So before you color coordinate your kids playdates, and par core practices, add the date nights in first.

3rd – Plan family time that is restful and quality time – If you are running ragged running your kids to school, attending concerts, and watching sports and dance recitals, do you not think your little kids aren’t exhausted too? School is  a lot of work, and they need rest and down time. 

4th – Then add school, and extracurricular activities – Once you have planned yourself in, your spouse in, and your family time in, THEN add in the extras!

If we don’t learn to do life from a place of rest and rhythm, we lose our footing and we lose it fast. Sure our cupcakes are exact replicas of Olaf , and our kids have straight A’s BUT, your marriage is dull, your hair is falling out, and you scream at your kids all the time!


It’s a sham.


Plan for what is real and lasting…



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