The Summer Rut Challenge – get unstuck & start loving life again!

At the last writer’s conference, an editor kindly word slapped me for capitalizing words for emphasis, because it came across as yelling. Well guess what?!


I am so EXCITED to start this summer challenge with you!

It’s going to be fun, not a lot of reading, it’s not going to interrupt your life, or mine – it’s just going to make it more awesomer and we are going to do it together! 


Well, I was thinking a lot about how often I seem to get stuck in ruts. For example, I get stuck in a frumpy rut all the time. I’m by profession a stay-at-home mom, and as a stay-at-home-writer as well, I tend to wear my painting and work out clothes a lot.  The rut is that I actually don’t paint or workout often. When I take the time to get myself looking and feeling good for the day, I feel great! So why don’t I do it all the time?! RUT

Another common rut for me is the parenting rut. I tend to veer towards checking out as a mom a lot. My kids are all very independent, and so it’s easy for me to get caught up in doing my own thing, and when I realize I haven’t spent any QT with any of my kids in days, I feel horrible. I go to bed the next morning determined to do better, but then I check out the next day, again! RUT

 I want all of my friends and readers to get a pick me up this summer with me. I want us to start flaunting it a little more, start singing back to the birds, and enjoying ourselves, our families, and our life!  SO THAT IS WHY I AM YELLING AT YOU TO JOIN!



This is for everyone. GUYS! I think about you all the time when I write. I get men who email me apologizing for reading my blog. LOL Don’t apologize! We’re in this together. So guys and gals, imagine what a challenge like wearing a little cologne daily, or high heels will bring you (wink) Or how about a charcuterie challenge, or a kitchen dance party. Oh man/woman, this is going to be a fun bloggy summer! 



The challenge is simple. You sign up. I blog. You get my weekly rut challenge blog post in your mail box AND you read it. 

It will direct you to my FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. You can join all three or just one. There will be a daily challenge  on there for you and ME to follow! I’m in this with you! 


How to make it even more fun?

I want you to share with me your challenge attempts! By posting updates on how it’s helping the rut. By posting pictures, and commenting on others posts too. make sure you always add – #rutchallenge Let’s get out of this rut together and have the funnest summer ever!


Here’s the breakdown…. for review

sign up

I blog

you read

I post

you follow

follow the challenge

post and interact! #rutchallenge

One more thing!

Invite your friends to join! This will be so much more fun if you ask your friends to join!

Challenge starts July 6th! 




If you sign up I enter you in to win this book! If you share this with a friend and let me know, I enter you in again! Man, I am so generous! I met Sherry this June, and I couldn’t trust anyone else to read a devotional from than her. I bought it last year, and it has been my bible companion for a while! Love it! 





4 thoughts on “The Summer Rut Challenge – get unstuck & start loving life again!”

  1. The Baby Mama says:

    Hi Sarah – I can’t sign up. 🙁 It won’t allow me to. However, I would love to do this challenge with you – even though in South Africa we are right in the middle of winter and it is freezing! Granted, we don’t have snow and we don’t go into minus temperatures, but we don’t have indoor heating either. 🙂

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      Oh Bummer! Let me trouble shoot it! It’s freezing in South Africa? Maybe I need to forward you some of my winter posts from Canada lol

    2. virtuouswomanx says:

      Okay I fixed the sign up form, it should work!

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