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Last Post: Our Sin & Shame

Today’s post is about releasing the shame that we have carried for so many years.  This is our last post of this project and my hope is that if you struggle with shame, you can learn to recognize its presence in your thoughts, and in your actions. My heart is that you would take every thought captive and begin to confront the shame thoughts with truth. I also pray that you begin a journey to release your shame to God and ask for a fresh start, and in that fresh start you become the YOU, you have always dreamt to become! Sounds like a shampoo commercial!

We can never strive to become someone we are not, but we can become a freer version of ourselves.

Stop and picture yourself, your personality, your likes and gifts, totally free! What does that look like?

This all begins with knowing and understanding God’s love for us. It also begins by taking the courage to be true to ourselves and feel freedom to be flawed and weak.

Our goal is never perfection, our goal is wholeness. Which means we are fully who we are, mistakes and all – nothing hidden, nothing to be ashamed of.

I am always bombarded with thoughts of inadequacy, and half the time I feel like a sham. However, God continues to put me in situations where I have to rely fully on Him, for my confidence and for my freedom. It’s something we have to seek and go after!

Living shameless isn’t about living proud and loud. Though I adore those that can do that. Living shameless is about what is happening in your mind and heart.  Living shameless is knowing that you’re awesome just the way you are, flaws and all!

With this last post on Shame, I want to guide you in some prayers. Sometimes we just don’t know what to pray and how to start a journey toward wholeness. Well, it starts with us talking to God. It always starts with prayer. 


Here we go… Let’s release, reveal and refresh, with 3 simple prayers….



God, release me from the shame that holds me back from you, from others and from myself. 


God, reveal to me the depth of your love, help me to grasp it, to comprehend the loving thoughts you have for me. Let my thoughts become your thoughts over myself and over others.


God, Refresh in me my dreams, hopes and visions for the future. Restore my hope in love, in life, and in my circumstances. 





You can view the entire Shame Project Here. Stay tuned for a PDF copy to download so you can print and read the Shame Project with your spouse, or friend or bible study!




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