Introducing The Shame Project


My last post was on Shame; that ugly emotion that tells you that you are less than a person, guilty, unworthy of love, and broken.  It was written out of revelation within myself that this was something God wanted to break off of me once and for all.

Tired of feeling less than everyone around me, tired of finding it difficult to give and receive love, tired of my weaknesses dominating my self-esteem and so much more. I was in such a rush to write what was on my heart last week that I feel that my last post was the table of contents to a longer story a To Be Continued…

I feel that God agrees, and wants me to carry on with this topic, and I am going to say a big YES to that call because I want to see a deeper healing happen in me and in you!

Starting Monday next week I will be introducing the Shame Project.

Together we are going to journey through the root causes, the lies that lead us there and hold us there, and how we can be set free from shame and step into the confident, free spirit that God has called us to live.

It’s not just going to be me rambling, but something a little more interactive. Something you can work through with a friend, or a bible study group, or with your spouse, this can even be a great series (project) you can do with your youth group or teens.  

So gather! Gather those you know need a touch from God, a lift from their shame and journey with me! This is for everyone.

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