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IMG_6665Hey everyone! I have been sitting at my computer a little blank as I stare at the screen wanting to blog, because I miss you all and I KNOW you miss me too but I don’t know what to write about! 


I have a lot of ‘inspirational’ topics floating in my mind but they are not quite developed yet, because for me my topics stem from my experiences and I like to have some victory in it first before I write! So instead of leaving another week of no blogging,  I thought I would just pass a note on to you, share what’s on my mind and what’s happening in my life right now.


Don’t worry this isn’t a baby #6 announcement!


In a month from now I am heading to Write Canada, my yearly writer’s conference and I am trying to edit the Fearless in 21 days series to see if it has the potential for a book. However, before I began working on it this last week I have been battling discouragement and the doldrums very heavily. In my eyes it can only mean one thing, okay maybe two. #2 – I should still be in Mexico, and #2 Satan does not want this book out! 


IMG_8833Please pray for me as I work on this series, I know many many many people can receive hope in it’s message, and I wish there was a resource like it for me when I went through my breakdown. I don’t mean that as a prideful statement, but so often God allows us to experience pains so we can help others through theirs, and I feel God has called this forward and I can’t do it without your prayers! On that note, I can’t do it without money either, go-figure! Money always seems to be the elephant in the room when pursing God’s call.  Traveling to this writers conference is very costly for our family, and God has always provided! That said,  I have set up a donation for financial support on the right hand side of my blog, if anyone ever feels led to support this project and me! Any money I receive always goes straight back into writing, it’s seed and I hope to grow a vineyard with it! 


Another thing I have been going thrIMG_0472ough is trying to get out of a rut. It’s almost like the older you get, the easier it is to fall into a dull routine, and anything outside the box overwhelms you. I think this will make a good blog topic once I am out of it, because I know many men and women who get stuck there too. Sometimes little changes is good to get your butt off your wheel. Sometimes it can be as simple as rearranging furniture or taking up a new hobby to help break you out of the meh. So I have bought a tennis racket in hopes someone will play with me and I have forced my husband with many tears to help me wallpaper my front entrance way! I’ll post a picture on my Facebook page! 


I’m trying to break up with Fitness Pal and other fitness apps and trackers – When a number is attached to your idea of success, and that success is tied to your feeling of self worth, then the number has to die! I am finding so much more freedom since I stopped obsessing over tracking my steps, competing with others, and counting calories. I will probably still use it from time to time, but recently I am seeing it really bring out some yucky feelings, obsessions, and pride and I am not so sure it’s healthy for us. So I haven’t formed an opinion yet, I am the experiment to see if stepping away from it all helps me find more peace and satisfaction in myself. 


border 3My heart  and pursuit is that I will be someone who is filled with God’s joy and purpose, and I want you to be too, that’s the purpose of this blog. We all go through ups and downs, valleys and mountains, it’s our journey.  I hate the battle but I sure love the victories!!!

So you can stay tuned for some final thoughts on breaking out of a rut, and breaking up with Fitness trackers, and I look forward to having a more victorious opinion on it soon and some good news about my book!


Have an awesome day!




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