5 Ways to Snap Out Of A Bad Mood Instantly

bad mood?Do you ever have moments where you go from “Happy- GO ME!”, to the lowest depths of self pity? I do, and boy, do my kids ever! Sometimes raising 5 kids ages 4-16 is like raising a mood swinging orchestra. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to help them snap out of a pity party beat, like a tickle fight, or a bowl of ice-cream and a snuggle. However, emotional ice-cream makes us adults fat and a snuggle is the last think on our minds when we want to roll over, go to sleep and never wake up.

So how can you  we as adults help ourselves SNAP OUT OF IT!

  1. Slap Cold Water on Your Face: I do not propose self inflicted pain, but sometimes you just need a little slap in the face like Scarlett O’hara needed time and time again! Scarlett: “My life is over. Nothing will ever happen to me anymore.” Take a moment and splash really cold water in your face, this stimulation can bring you from low to whoa! in seconds.
  2. Go For A Walk: Walking is an instant endorphin releaser, it gets your blood pumping and your lungs breathing in, and it’s a change of scenery. Walk with your head held up and your shoulders back, just like your grandmother scolded you,  walk at a fast pace, by the time you get home you’ll be skipping.
  3. Force A Smile: You can actually trick your mind into feeling joy when  you fake a smile. Try it, hold a smile for 5 seconds inhaling deeper. See, I told you!
  4. Find a baby: If you don’t like babies find an animal, if you don’t like babies or animals find a therapist. I tell you, you hold and play with one of those rolling chub balls and your eye on the future instantly becomes brighter. (if they smell or cry hand them back to their mothers and follow steps 1-3) 
  5. Dance: Turn off Stairway to Heaven and pump up some jam. (Yeah, I’m an 80’s teen) and just dance. Do it, anywhere, anytime. Dance in your car, dance in your kitchen ( I am convinced my neighbours across the street think I am chasing swarms of bees in my home, but when I am feeling the lull come on I put on some old classic dance songs and feel my spirits sore. Ask this Grandma 

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