FEARLESS in 21 DAYS! – How to cure anxiety and panic

I am so excited to be launching a new series here on Virtuous Woman Exposed called Fearless in 21 Days.

I have had so many faithful blog followers over the years receiving encouragement from my crazy life and musings, and for some reason God along this journey, has opened up opportunities for me to minister to people struggling with Panic Disorder, Anxiety & Depression.

God first opened up this opportunity by allowing me to go through a season of Panic/Anxiety/Depression HELL first. (many of you readers have followed me on here during that season)

What seemed hopeless and completely tormenting has turned into a great freedom in my life and I have a confidence that I never had BEFORE my anxiety hit.

With God’s hand, I have been brought through spiritual deliverance, root causes of fear, knowledge on how to manage my body, and ways to stop panic in its tracks!

Taking medication almost killed me, as I reacted so severely. So I had to climb out of crippling anxiety and fear, one step at a time, one day at a time, drug free.

I am not a therapist, or a doctor, and the majority of my knowledge comes from other sources, which I will reference. But I am an expert in knowing what it’s like to have one simple thought ravish your body into shock, or to have lost the ability to be around people in fear of having a panic attack. I am an expert in splashing cold water on my face, just to snap out of the anxiety fog and clear my head and I am an expert at not being able to get out of bed to raise my children.

My expertise comes from my experience and desperation to get free!

Like a crazy lady, I went through therapy, read books, listened to sermons and BEGGED God A lot. I was so desperate for deliverance that I would stop at nothing to be set free. I gathered all my knowledge and research, threw out the garbage new age crap and found the secret to being set free.

I wish there was something like what I am about to share with you, when I went through what I did, and the moment I started to feel better I was in a rush to share it with you.

I can’t let you suffer for as long as I did, and I want to compile all of my knowledge to help you break free once and for all. I want to help you weed through all the anxiety garbage that’s out there,  and teach you what actually works and what is rooted in Christ.

It’s POSSIBLE, in fact it’s so possible it’s almost PROMSIABLE!



Why 21 Days?

Scientists have proven that it takes 21 days to retrain the brain’s way of thinking. That’s why there are so many 21 day devotionals out there, and 21 days to a leaner body. You can actually, with commitment, renew your mind in 21 days!!! Isn’t that exciting news?

So for you suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, OCD or even depression, you can have a new brain, a peaceful brain, a quieter brain in 21 days!


Just in time for Christmas!


Who will benefit?

Anyone. You don’t have to be curled up in the fetal position trembling in fear for this to help you. You may lack confidence in a certain area or simply fear the future. The things I will be showing you and teaching you will help you to become a more confident, worry free person.

Of all faiths. If I were to leave out God in our search for freedom, I would be leading you to a false place of hope. It is Christ who came to set us free, not me, not psychologists, not anti-depressants. Every day will be rooted in Christ, whether it’s specific prayers, or scripture or just a reminder of God’s design. It won’t be preachy though. God is practical, and has a greater knowledge of how he has designed our bodies, minds and spirits to function.


*This is not to replace medication or therapy, everything is to be discerned by you. I am but a vessel.


How you can help me, help you.

PRAY – This series has been burning in my heart for a while now, and though I feel God’s hand is on me to do this, I am still a busy mom of five children, a wife, a ministry leader and a freelance writer with many deadlines! I need PRAYER! Please pray for me, for wisdom, clarity and anointing. 

GOSSIP – Let everyone in your circles hear about this before I launch and during. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, forward emails,  and anywhere else you can think! You can have a hand in helping someone be set free from one of the hardest mental disorders out there.

COMMENT – Let other’s know they are not alone, share your comments, ask questions on Facebook or on my blog. Let’s create a community together and help one another by being kind, supportive and encouraging.

COMMIT – If you are really serious about being set free then you need to commit. Committed in your mind, body and spirit.

PREPARE – You will need a journal, your bible, running shoes and a calming playlist of your favourite songs.

SIGN UP –  Sign up your email address to follow my blog to receive new posts daily.


Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter too for other tips and encouragements.


When and how do we start?

You’re probably waiting for the cost and sign up forms. Well there isn’t.

I am so passionate about this, that I am doing this for free! I just want you to be whole again, that’s my motive!

I am launching this just before Christmas on December 1st. I wanted to wait until the new years, because that’s when most people want to start their “new life’, but I don’t want you to suffer another panic attack ever! Especially over the holidays! So I don’t care how busy we all are, You matter and you matter NOW!











24 thoughts on “FEARLESS in 21 DAYS! – How to cure anxiety and panic”

  1. Taylor says:

    Sounds amazing. Having been in a similar spot as you I know there are others that can truly use this type of help and support. Thank you for doing this.

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      thanks for your encouragement. It means so much!

  2. The Baby Mama says:

    This excites me to no end! Of course I will be praying for you. And doing the walk with you! I’m on a live free/no fear mission. I’m even reading Joyce Meyer’s book on Living Courageously! And for the first time, I think ever in my life, I feel an air of excitement and expectation. I don’t know for what – but its a lot better than feeling fearful and panicky. May God be with you and all your readers doing this and may we truly be free! Because that is what Christ came to do!!!

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      Thanks for your prayers, and I am so excited for your excitement!

  3. Jess says:

    I have been desperately hoping for help in this area! Eagerly waiting and praying. And I’m so thankful for how God comforts us in our troubles so we can comfort others, and how you are doing that for so many women through this. Don’t lose confidence in what you have to say about this. The enemy gets me that way all too often. Anything you have to offer is sure to help us sisters immensely! 🙂

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      Wow timely word. Confidence is absolutely the first thing I am attacked in when I do this. Thanks so much! That means a lot!

  4. Sonya says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I have never met you but I feel as though you are my friend already because of what you endured and the victory and freedom you are now walking in.
    Over a year ago I was experiencing anxiety, fear and depression and was in a very dark place.Through intensive prayer, exercise, counselling, healthy eating, meditation on Scripture and support from family and friends I was able to conquer many fears and be free! I relied on God’s Word more than I ever had in my life and it became more satisfying and fulfilling than anything I had ever had in my life! It was the first time I really believed and trusted God’s promises being true for me. It was a long fight but I experienced freedom and confidence in God. I too tried medication but woke up feeling very ill and was brought to my knees. I reached for the bible study Breaking Free by Beth Moore and don’t remember what I read except that it said something about praising God. So I did and didn’t taken another antidepressant.
    Recently I have been experiencing intense fear and anxiety that has taken me completely by surprise. I believed I had been completely freed many months ago and was blindsided by the insomnia, panic and anxiety.
    By reaching out to friends who have been lifting me up in prayer, I have been led to your blog and action plan for being fearless. It has been so encouraging to know someone has also wrestled with paralysing fear and come through!
    In many ways, your story is my story except I am now back in a “dark” place. I am excited about starting this program and becoming renewed again. Thank you so much for your obedience to God’s prompting so others can be completely free from fear. I am believing I will be there soon!!

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      I’m so glad you have found my blog, I hope you find, if anything hope! I am reminded of Joseph who was sold into slavery, but he managed to work his way to a high position and then when all was going well he ended up in prison which was even darker than the 1st bondage. I am also reminded of the Israelites going to war against their enemy and asking God if they would be victorious, and God said “Go, fight” and overtime they went they were greatly defeated, and it wasn’t until the 3rd time they found complete victory. Just like Joseph, and the Israelites, and many other stories of a promise and then what seems to be a “flat on their face” failure, breakthrough comes and an even greater victory thereafter. So all that said, if God has promised you freedom, then freedom you will get, even if you have found yourself in prison again! YOU CAN DO IT!

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