The thing about fear is….






The thing about fear is…

 This war on terrorism is becoming very real, especially on Canadian soil. A solider shot down today, a Canadian solider who was standing guard of our nation’s capital war memorial, honouring those that have fought for peace. 


The thing about terrorists (which I am assuming is the case here) their biggest tactic is fear and their lack of it.

They love to sit back and plant a seed of despair and watch the people scramble and run in terror. 

The thing about fear is, is that it’s only an emotion, a state of the mind. fear itself, cannot hurt us.

I know  a lot about fear. I spent almost an entire year of my life completely crippled by it, emotionally, mentally, and yes, even physically crippled by fear. I would try to have a normal day and then a seed was planted in my mind, a fear seed, a ‘what if’ seed and my weakened mind took it and ran like a crazy lady, every time. It would consume me. 

The thing about fear is… it’s meant to distract you, to consume you.

The thing about fear is….. It only has the power you allow it to have.

Easier said than done, I know, having lived with it. Even the bible says that “fear is a torment”. It is true. 

The definition of torment is to cause physical pain and mental anguish, it’s one of the darkest emotions of the soul.

but, the thing with fear is… it’s an empty threat, with no back up power.

and the thing with fear is,…. Jesus has dominion over fear and torment and has and will continue to crush its head. ( if we seek Him for peace)

In our nation, of Canada, a nation once built on faith and justice and peace, is receiving a blow from a bully who delights in fear, injustice, and malice. It’s one seed in a grand nation that they are trying to plant, trying to make it grow. 

We cannot let a seed like this grow, we must as a nation see that this seed of fear, is neither watered or given any light.

Time to put our differences aside, time to not be political and radical in your thinking, it’s just time for you O’CANADA, to stand on GUARD FOR THEE. and we must (whether you believe or not) put our agendas aside our religious beliefs aside and pray GOD KEEP OUR LAND, GLORIOUS AND FREE. 


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