The Gluttony of Sex in Our Culture

Sex has been on my mind a lot today, reflecting on my latest post  OUR CULTURE’S VIEW ON SEX IS NOT OKAY.


I have been asking myself, and my Facebook Followers,  the following question :


What key lie has our culture bought into about sex?


I read over my stats that I posted yesterday and this one stood out to me, and disturbed me the most.

  • 60% of Canadian college-aged males indicated they would commit sexual assault if they were certain they would not get caught. (Lenskyj, 1992.)

Wow, that is a tragic statistic, not only because 60% of these polled young men are now our professionals, doctors, lawyers and fathers in our society but because it shows that the higher majority of our culture has a skewed view on sex.

We minimize the consequences of sex, through abortion and unaccountability. We don’t hold people accountable to their “private sexual appetites”, we have minimal sentences for child molesters, we have an all access pass to pornography, women are regarded as sex objects in movies, magazines, music and media. Extreme feminists promote sexual power over men and lastly, we’ve thrown out the moral code for sex along with the sanctity of marriage. 

 I believe that the biggest lie our culture promotes when it comes to sex, is that you can and should have sex whenever, however, and with whom ever you want, however often you want

Ask Ghomeshi,  he argues that he has a right to sex when he wants to, how he wants to and how often he wants to.

The trouble with this ‘sexual revolutionary freedom’ that Ghomeshi lives under, along with millions of other Canadians, is that it’s destroying our wellbeing and we are completely oblivious.  The majority of society has completely disowned the connection between body/mind/and spirit. We are taught that sex is a merely a physical/biological NEED and that it’s perfectly normal and natural to fulfill that NEED in anyway that we desire, like drinking water. Any consequences that fulfilling that need brings – like unwanted pregnancies, STD’s, AIDS, sexual assault, hurting our loved ones with adultery,  just comes with the territory. Not our problem, and fixable if it is.

To me, this is pure, pure ignorance, just like this was…











When will we wake up and realize that in the name of gratifying our pleasure, when we want, how we want, with whom we want, we are in essence destroying our societies quality of life?


Obesity is the leading cause of death in Canada. I heard on the radio just yesterday, that this year alone 20,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, that is directly linked to their obesity, and completely preventable with diet and exercise. 

How is obesity such an epidemic affecting 6 million Canadian adults and children (stats Canada)?

Perhaps  we have been marinated in a culture that doesn’t like to implement healthy boundaries because we take our stance that we live in a free country and can do whatever we want. 

Despite the warnings to stay healthy we eat what we want, when we want, and how much we want and then we suffer. 



  • In 2009, two-thirds of households had outstanding debt that averaged $114,400.

Why? Because we have an attitude of I can spend what I want, when I want and how I want to.


I realize I have generalized these issues, and did not mention other contributing factors (which there are many)  but for the sake of my argument, I feel it is an accurate average mindset for most North Americans. We’re self-centred and lack self-control.

When we turn the “I can do what I want” mindset toward sex in our culture, we open ourselves up to an epidemic of sexual aggressiveness, fatherless children, aborted babies, and a lot of broken hearts and dying bodies. .

 If sex is just a natural need we are entitled to, how is it destroying so many people in its path?


  • A Toronto study showed that 83% of female psychiatric in-patients reported a history of physical or sexual abuse
  • Approx. 71,000 people living with HIV in Canada. 
  • 1,144,500 people in America.
  • the total number of “reported” abortions that took place between 1974 and 2010 in Canada is 3,191,362. (abortion in was 4 years ago.




All in the name of SEX.

Self control, boundaries, responsibility and selflessness could revolutionize our country, especially in a country where 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted, and teenagers as young as 13 are addicted to porn. As long as we still have an endlessly unsatisfied gluttonous appetite for sex, we will continue break moral boundaries to get to it, without consequence. In this manner, we will never be satisfied, not until sex is perceived as an act of love within the commitment of marriage.


Let me leave you with one question….


If sex were confined within marriages, between two people who love and respect one another deeply, what would the above stats look like.

How would it change our world?



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