The 3 Posts I Was Most Nervous to Publish

Blogging is super fun, and therapeutic, but it is also extremely terrifying. I have written posts and have stared at the PUBLISH button, shaking in fear.



“Here goes nothing!”


Then, I stew, and pace and regret for a day or two and then it passes.

Blogging can sometimes be more stressful than enjoyable. I enjoy the writing part immensely, but the silent echo after I hit publish is excruciating!  It’s like throwing a piece of yourself into the void for mass humility , they (the readers) can think you are dumb, or genius, it is so unnerving.


ESPECIALLY when no one comments! 


People! You don’t know HOW MUCH a comment means to a lonely blogger like me –  it’s like gold, we treasure it.

It makes our day, and keeps us going, it’s like fuel, and bread and breathe….okay. 

Bloggers write for themselves, but they are mostly writing for YOU. I often ask, what do people need today? Encouragement? A kick in the pants? A funny story? 

I write for YOU.

I have to be so careful as a blogger, because I run a fine line between offending someone and being underwhelming. So sometimes when I write a potentially offensive piece, I am instantly transformed into a drunk teenager crying on  the bathroom  floor of a school dance, mascara dripping down her face, “no, no, nobody lilililikes meeeeeeee.” 

Okay, I’m not that bad, you would not know it to look at me, but that is my internal state.

So – in celebration of all those hard typing bloggers out there who share their deepest darkest secrets, AND to all my readers who comment on my most insecure posts and make me feel better about myself. This BLOG POST is for you!

I thought I would display the 3 most nerve-racking posts I have published, the ones that had my hands fumbling and my legs shaking. They may not seem like a big deal to you, but I will explain why they were to me… Happy Reading! 


Allergy Alert!

This one came after a ladies lunch, where I sat around a table with a group of  ladies, when the topic of allergies came up. I kept my peace for a moment, until one of the women added her opinion on our over reacting allergy society. She went on to say how she ‘snuck’ peanut butter sandwiches and treats to school all the time, despite the peanut ban, and told her kids how to be discrete. I was livid! 

I am very careful as a writer to not be vindictive, or call someone out in a public way. But this one just had me going, and I couldn’t let it go. The reason why , is because 4  days before that conversation I spent 8 hours in the hospital with my teenaged daughter, who had come into contact with peanuts.

Man, I’m all riled up again just reminiscing on this post!

So though I was fuelled by “I need people to know how dumb this mindset is!”

I was nervous to offend this woman, with my rant.

But, I decided, it was worth it. My daughter’s life was worth it. 


So I pressed PUBLISH.



Facing The Judgment of Single Motherhood


You’re going along with life  then all of a sudden WHAM! Life hits you like a dirty boot in the face, dragging you into your past, stirring up old feelings, and muddling it up with the present. You probably have no idea what I mean. This post will explain.

This one was probably my most feared post to publish, and it did ruffle some feathers. However, that’s what truth does sometimes, it makes us all freak out!

I have such a mandate in my spirit to stand up for the broken, unvalued and labeled woman. I want, especially in our churches and christian community to know how to treat  women who come from brokenness. 

So this post, came out of an incident which made me reflect on my past as a single mom.

I knew I was not alone

So I pressed PUBLISH.


I Like Boobs – Just Not on Facebook 


Haha, this was a super fun post to write! It wasn’t super deep or personal, more of a rant on social media etiquette that I tend to write about a lot! But I was so tired of seeing boobs on Facebook, that I couldn’t shut-up about it!

I was sooo scared to post this because the rally behind breastfeeding, anywhere and everywhere, has been on the rise, and like any cause there are always extremists. I knew I could possibly infuriate some boob fanatics out there.

Before I posted my article, I searched up other ‘more popular bloggers’ who  actually get  comments. I looked at bloggers with a similar stance as me on exposed breastfeeding pics on Facebook. And they were SLAMMED! HARD by the nipple ninjas. So I was uber nervous to press send.

But as I was typing , I checked my Facebook feed, only to see a woman breastfeeding both her 1-year-old and 4-year-old – boobs out, no cover. and I was like……




Hey! Any fellow bloggers who are reading this, PLEASE leave a comment below and a link to your most feared PUBLISH! and why? I’d love to read it!


4 thoughts on “The 3 Posts I Was Most Nervous to Publish”

  1. Pirkko Rytkonen says:

    Peanuts…that’s brave of you especially when it’s life threatening. My granddaughter doesn’t have any issue with any foods, but I know that she”s not allowed to bring peanut butter to school. Changing mindsets is one of the purposes why we blog about issue that are dear to us.

    Your story as a single mother resonates with me in one way even though I’ve never experienced it. There are so many broken people in our churches. Are certain sins more acceptable than others? The visible ones certainly bring on the looks, and so much shame gets built inside. That’s unnecessary.

    One of my fears about publishing is very personal…maybe you’ve seen it or maybe not, but I’ll link it here anyways. It’s about depression and suicide in my family. I had to really think hard whether I would share it or not since many people didn’t really know what happened to my sister. (we certainly didn’t talk about it at the time)

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      Wow, what a personal story, and so needs to be talked about! I suffer from depression, on and off, and it needs to be something we don’t shame, that we can talk about. Heck, why talking about can save a life! Thanks for sharing Pirkko!

  2. Sheila Gregoire says:

    Love it!

    For me it was my article on how wearing a lot of piercings and tattoos will not help you land a job, and maybe we should be telling teens that instead of saying, “just be true to yourself!”

    Boy, did I get whacked for that one. And called judgmental. But it’s true!

    1. virtuouswomanx says:

      Sheila you are such a brave blogger and I admire that about you. I have to admit that I assumed you must never get scared to press PUBLISH. I’m heading over to your post to see what everyone’s big deal is, cause I agree with you, and I will preach that to my kids!

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