Setting a good pace for life

We are off and running! 


I did it! I became that mother who has her hair done, makeup perfect, kids groomed, healthy lunches packed, homework done, school forms handed in days before the deadline and  dinner on the table at 5 o’clock. I managed to cross into the “have it all together” Mom zone, for the 1st 4 days of school. HIGH FIVE Y’ALL


(picture incoming school bus about to crash into a telephone pole.)


Bright Comic book Elements with speech bubbles - vector illustration.


Fast forward to current state of affairs – I have driven my kids to school 3 times in slippers and twice in my pyjamas and slippers. The only makeup I wear is the makeup that was leftover from church on Sunday. My carefully organized school paper system is overloaded with junk, during a mass sweep and shove. I had to beg my 6-year-old son to kind of match his socks this morning, and I have given up doing anyone’s hair.  My kids have had processed cheese slices for snacks 3 days in a row, and dinner has been coming out of a lot of cans lately. Baked beans anyone?!

I thought for sure I had this thing! That I could continue the illusion of ‘all-together-mother’, at least until Parent Teacher Interviews. SIGH


This is breakthrough for me – I am recognizing the need to set the pace NOW. Because winter hits hard in Canada, it’s merciless with it’s dark skies, short daylight hours and treacherous roads and hectic commitments.

 We’ve all been thrown out of summer mode and back into the deep end of activities, with school and responsibilities, so it is time to evaluate our pace and find one that will help us dog paddle through the year without drowning.

For me, evaluating my pace means – 

  • Taking inventory of all our activities and responsibilities 
  • Getting out of unnecessary commitments
  • Working out carpools with fellow parents
  • Setting aside sabbath rest ( A day of nothingness)
  • Getting the kids to pitch in more
  • Committing to exercise and guarding our sleep
  • and buying a SAD lamp to help with the winter blues

I bought this oneā€¦.. can’t wait to be blinded by happy light as I blog. (prepare for increased chipperness!) 

HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp


I hope that you can, along with me, set a good pace for life. One that will help you go after the things in your heart, raise happy healthy kids, and come out of it smiling and victorious! 


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