Preparing Our Hearts and Homes for Winter


We go through seasons of abundance and seasons of want.

We go through seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow.

We go through seasons of business and seasons of rest.


Not one of us is exempt from it. So why if it’s inevitable do we all freak out so much when we enter into rougher seasons?


Today, while all the kids are in school, I am preparing for winter. Pulling out all the winter boots, gloves and toques, because in Canada there is no time to waste. There is never much warning for that 1st snowfall of the year.  It’s better to be prepared and ready for winter than it is to pout and whine and scramble when it does come.


 So shouldn’t we prepare ahead for our personal winters?


I went for a walk yesterday. It was a fun-filled busy weekend and I needed some time to unwind. As I was walking, I was trying to remain uptight and stressed, but the colours of Fall kept catching my eye, and I couldn’t stay in that state forever. The leaves are so brilliant right now, more beautiful than they have ever been. I could be walking around sulking that this beauty means winter is around the corner, or I just absorb the moment and thank God for His beautiful creation. 

For the 1st time in my life, I can clearly see that I am in a season of blessing. Yes, there are annoyances that come with day-to-day life, hiccups and such, but I feel so strongly that the season I am in, is a season of blessing. I can say that without feeling like I am boasting, because I have just come out of the darkest winter to date. 

So knowing I am in a season of blessing, and knowing that it won’t be forever, I am determined to soak it all in, not miss a moment and go into the next winter stronger.


I am determined to:

Not let the little things get to me.

Embrace blessing when it comes and not let life get in the way of enjoying it.

Take priority of what’s truly important.

Invest my resources to what will bear fruit.

Rest and not grow weary.

Stay healthy and strong.

Have a thankful heart.


What season are you in?



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