How to prioritize your day to avoid burnout

My morning/bedtime routine printables were so helpful to get my kids ready for school today. Problem is, they worked so well, they were all independently ready for school 45 mins early. I’m not complaining, that’s a better scenario than beating my kids out the door with a broom.  

It’s just me and my 3-year-old at home now, and as we snuggled on the couch, I think he kissed me 5 times. Someone’s happy he has mommy all to himself again. Still, with only one in the house, there is a lot to accomplish in a day, and I am determined to not have a nervous breakdown by the end of the school year, and I’m not being sarcastic.

If you are high risk like me to burn out, then prioritizing our day well, will help a lot. Here are some tips, most of which I picked up from my NIV Woman’s Bible Study.  


How to prioritize your day

Being by listing your responsibilities generically. E.g. Family, work, church, friends etc.  

Consider each one prayerfully/carefully and arrange in order of importance. My ideal prioritized list is this…


  1.  My personal relationship with God
  2.  My Physical/mental/emotional/spiritual strength
  3.  My marriage
  4. My family
  5. My  Church
  6. My friends/extended family
  7. My writing career
  8. My home


Everyone’s priorities vary, for me personally #1 and #2 do not budge, I CANNOT do the list below, without those being a priority in my life. If you are close to burnout and you notice that your family and perhaps church commitments run top priority in your life, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. You’re co captain of the ship, you can’t afford to be the 1st one drowned in chaos.

Now that you have your main list prioritized. Write your list out and post it in your journal, on your bathroom mirror or by your calendar. Try and live your day, in that order and choose commitments that come your way throughout the year with those in mind.

Under each category, that you have prioritized, list your tasks and responsibilities associated with each. And number them from most important to least… for example.

My church

1. weekly church attendance

2. woman’s ministry

3. one on one discipleship

4. getting to know new members



1.Family meals together

2. Extracurricular activities

3. School volunteering

4. Help with homework 


Things to remember when prioritizing..

  • Always put people before tasks
  • Don’t limit your investment in family and friends to gifts and money, look for other ways to make them a priority. For example – a phone call on their birthday, may be more meaningful than a birthday card in the mail.
  • Family MUST be more important than occupation & God MUST be more important than family
  • Making God a priority does not mean more volunteering at church, it means your personal relationship. He’ll build his church.
  • Learn, if you haven’t already, the power of NO!
  • Set aside time for rest and refreshing for you and your family. 
  • Ask a friend to keep you accountable so you don’t over do it. 
  • Choose a day of the week where you as a family do nothing! Even if it means dropping out of a commitment.

This book is on my must read list this fall! I love the sub-title Restoring Your Soul by Restoring the Sabbath


After you have your life all prioritized,  plan your day according. If you have too much on the go, start wiping off the least important tasks from your list. 

Get a calendar, mark it down.

I hope this helps you prioritize your day, your weeks and your year. 



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