Why I now believe in Valentine’s Day

It only takes one awkward Valentine’s Day in junior high –  where every girl in your class gets a rose, but you- to kill the holiday forever.

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, it’s so cheesy, over marketed, phoney and it’s just another holiday where I waste my time and money. I was, you could say, a valentine’s hater.

People, I’m here to tell you that I have SEEN THE LIGHT and I am a new convert!

I hosted a women’s bible study at my home today, and we had a few extra guests. A bible college team had come down to work with and mentor under our church this week, so I had about 6 young ladies from a group of 12 or so guys and girls. They were dropped off at my house by the boys and their teacher/leader. When it came time to go, I looked out my window and saw 6 young men, tattoos, and pimples, walking up my street with roses, one for each of their friends, team leader included. HOW SWEET WAS THAT!? Just friendship, no budding romances, and those girls dived out of my house so fast, you would think Daniel Craig showed up. (okay, maybe I would dive out, they’d be like “Daniel who?” and I’d be like “what? Let me pass!”)

After study, I quickly packed up my boys and my Pinterest cake  and headed to my BFF’s for a pre-school Valentine’s party. Her house was decorated with hearts, and the kids ran around playing, as us mom’s talked about how much we love food and hate working out. lol The little ones exchanged treats and cards, (except for this lame valentines hating mom,) After the party was over, my boys skipped to the suburban to go home filled with friendship and love and  A LOT of sugar!

As I was cooking dinner, my husband asked if he could give me my Valentine’s day gift early, Sure I said. He held my hand and led me out of the room. “You know the stove is on broil” I warned. “Don’t worry he assured me.”  He led me to my Valentine’s card’s hidden drawer.
Back up 3 days ago….. I’m praying to God, feeling sorry for myself that I have not been able to afford a haircut and colour in months! I mean like since the summer 2 years ago!
Sure I’ve had emergency ‘I botched my bangs haircuts’
where the hairdresser asks “sooooo, whatcha use? kitchen scissors?”
 in which I reply, in shame, “kids safety scissors”
 in which she nods in agreement that that would explain the glue chunks, ” yes, yes.”
So, I’m praying and in my complaining, and also in the knowledge that God cares for me and I can come to him FOR EVERYTHING! I asked if HE could make it possible for me to get my hair done. It went something like this. “God, I know this is a super lame prayer, and there are SOOO many more vitals things to ask for, but lately I feel like my efforts go unnoticed and I know that my job as a mother has it’s rewards, but sometimes it would be nice to have a tangible reward, besides old aged security and fridge art. Like a haircut and colour!”
Fast Forward: Hubby hands me the card and the first line reads “In case you’re wondering, I notice…” Then the tears welled up, and I don’t remember what else it said.  Tucked in the card was a gift card for my hair, cut colour the whole shebang (maybe not j-lo extensions), and a hand written note that my appointment was booked at my favourite salon this Saturday. The reason he wanted to give it to me early was so I had time to find a haircut on Pinterest!!
Isn’t that sweet!?????
So today, I became a believer in love, and in the celebration of love, and I also hang my head in shame that I didn’t even get my husband a card, not even a cinnamon heart. Sheesh.
Guess I better turn the broiler off ;>

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