Our Row

We are that family that takes up an entire row wherever we go. When I see how many chairs we take up I think 2 things. #1 No wonder we never get invited to people’s homes and #2 what effect will this many chairs have on the world?

That’s the one thing I cherish about having a large family, it’s knowing that my odds are higher that at least one or two will turn out good, and if all of them turn out amazing (which so far so good) then I cannot wait to see the impact my little humans are going to have on this world.  ( though this picture was taken in church an hour before my 5 year old decided to run around shirtless. sheesh!)

I see this row and wonder, who will have children, who will get a degree, who will be well known, and who will be a volunteer behind the scenes?

I know that because my row is a lot longer than most families, that our trials and joys may be longer too. There may be many heart aches, struggles, perhaps suffering and sorrow, but my odds of  rejoicing, sharing in their successes and amazingness has also increased. I’m blessed!

If I stick to it now, doing my best to raise wonderful children, keeping them grounded in faith, and established in love, then perhaps #1 we’ll get invited to more people’s homes, and #2 we will reap joyfully all that we’ve sown.

3 thoughts on “Our Row”

  1. Alanna Rusnak says:

    I would TOTALLY invite you to my home! Of course, it helps to have a huge yard! So…if you’re ever in the area 😉

    Now to business: I was given a Lovely Blog Award and now I want to pass it along to you to encourage you in your blogging journey! No strings attached. The award stands even if you don’t fulfill the requirements. Only fulfill the award if you have time and are inspired. You can grab all the info here:

  2. CrossRoadFarm says:

    Referred by the above – In your about me section, you talked about God, food, and butts! You are invited to my house!

  3. Michelle McLaughlin says:

    I am also here through the lovely Alanna and a mommy to five children – all boys! Keep up the good work! I enjoyed stopping by to meet you and will be following you.

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