My 7 year old daughter stumbled into my room this morning confused “the sky is blueish with clouds and people are out walking their dogs?”

After 2 months of waking up for school in the dark she was confused why today was different.

“The days are getting longer,” I told her, then I thought to myself, “THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER!!!”

Today is +10 degrees here. This would be a national emergency in the south, but up here in Canada it means sweaters off, t-shirts on, doors open, fresh air and mental health sun soak. I’m so grateful!

It’s days like these that I reflect on the fact that God gives us rest from our weariness, and it’s up to us to recognize it and receive the gift.

So though a few spikes in the temperature, a withholding of the winds, seems like nothing to me, it’s a gift and I will rejoice in it and rest!

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