Amongst the Trees

I think I am officially convinced that I belong amongst the trees. Yes, I enjoy my Keurig, and fully believe that cleanliness is next to wine, but I think I could part with showering (not wine) for the gift of serenity and peace, that can only come with God’s creation.  I do realize that marshmallows are not found in the wild but I would have them imported. 

We found a hidden gem in Alberta last weekend, and within days we saw a bald eagle, ate fresh caught fish over the fire, and played fetch with a real flying bat.

No motor boats allowed on this lake, so the sound was that of calm and peace, and nature, doing it’s thing. I loved it!

My boys love to pick EVERY flower, rushing it back to me, hands out stretched, “Here you go mommy!” They are learning how to love well.
I can relax so much more with my children out in nature. Much more than I can at home with the attacks of boredom, flu’s, and texting. The perils of the wild seem much less worrisome to me than the perils of this world. The rules are simple: you touch the fire, you get burnt. You go in the lake, you will get wet. You stand too close to your brother fishing, you will get your nose pierced.
The rules of nature are so much easier for my children to understand and respect than the hidden evils of this world, and the rules we try so hard to instil.
I think all my children received some victory this weekend in their spirits.
 That is the power of God’s creation!

When I was a little girl, I explored. I spent most of my days outdoors, and even as a teenager I spent many days and early evenings on quiet nature walks, reflecting, breathing and just being. No i Pods then.

Anytime my son sat down to fish, he was mentored by some other fisherman sitting close by. They had  learnt the rules of nature and the skill of fishing, and in 30 mins gladly passed on all they knew to my son. No one does that anymore for youth, I was so thankful to them and my son soaked it all in.
My daughter, 14, skipped up to me in her rope tied jeans. (I had lent her mine because apparently she has forgotten all the other 380 times we’ve gone camping and she forgot to pack pants.) 

“I am convinced, THIS, is so much better than Data,” she said as we stood under the stars. It wasn’t just any star sky, it was one that I haven’t seen in many years. If God made it, it was visible, the black was black, and the bright was brilliant. We stood in awe. Literally, we all stood, mouth open, unable to articulate the majesty, and we just exhaled, “Wow!”  and guess what? No iPhone could take a picture of that. It’s memory is now within us not within a device.

As the light shone through the trees, much more brilliantly than this picture shows, I reflected on the fact that there is only one way and I am glad I have found it.

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  1. Faithhazell says:

    oooo la la. This is a beautiful post Sarah!!! I am right there with you!!! I definitely need to at least take a day trip there!! Love the pictures. Love the words.

    1. Virtuous Woman Exposed says:

      Kate. hi and welcome! Thanks for following. Looking forward to browsing your blog:>

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