Join the 5 Day Fearless Mom Challenge!

Had I known, had I only known that raising children would have taken so much energy, time, emotion and mental strength. I would have put more emphasis on staying strong, staying closer to Jesus and taking my anxious thoughts captive. But I didn’t know better then because I was doing the best I could with what I had.

Do you know I still have my children’s “get well” cards on the wall in my bedroom? It reminds me everyday what God took me out of and how he not only set me free but my family as well.  I didn’t wake up one day in my life journey and think “hey, I should start a blog and help anxious people!”  This all started with a very serious breakdown ending with a very serious breakthrough!  

I want to reach out to you moms and get you started on a “you” journey out of anxiety.  I created this fun 5 day challenge to help you get your footing and start walking toward wholeness.

Will you join?

If you need more information. CLICK HERE for more information!

This is going to be fun!



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