My “Oh Hell NO” in review

January 2017 marked the moment when I declared it my “oh, hell no!” year.  It was a resolution to myself to start saying no to unhealthy and toxic things in my life.  It was my season to start saying “oh hell no” to insecurities, loose boundaries and toxic thinking and situations.

As any project begins, it’s important to check in midway through and assess the progress. Since I had invited you in on this journey with me several months before, I thought it would be good to do a progress report.

As a recap, a good ole’ “Oh Hell No” means: where you decide that Satan is not going to rob you of your life any longer. It means the areas in your life that you have found yourself trapped in needs a “heck No! (if you prefer) I’m not living like this anymore!

My fist H.N this year came in the decision to launch a course for people battling anxiety. I felt so nervous and insecure launching this course because other than my book and blog, this would be my first opportunity to minister to people face to face. Within a few days, when I had hoped for 15 students I ended up with 40!  As I worked through the process of developing the course, marketing and starting the course self-doubt flooded in like a wave!  I pulled up my O.H.N slacks and dove right in and wow you guys, one of the most rewarding journeys in my life!!

Another “Oh Hell No” moment so far, came in the external drama that kept surfacing in my life. It’s amazing how much and for how long we will let situations continue to stir up strife in our life. It’s not until you have a moment of clarity that you realize you actually have a choice and can say no to the chaos in your life and that’s when your H.N comes into effect to help you with the follow through. Boundaries aren’t built in a day and often when we begin to build them we don’t follow through in fear we’re missing out or hurting others but sometimes you just can’t negotiate with drama, you’re either in it or you’re out. You either build a wall or you don’t, you can’t build an unfinished wall with holes and call it a boundary.

Then, this last month my finances have gotten a big old kick in the O.H.N. It’s that revelation that if I want to move forward in my life then I need to be smart, self-disciplined and biblical with my finances. My hubby and I have been reading through David Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover together and our new motto is … “you have to live like no one else so that you can live like no one else” that means giving an Oh Hell No to my neeed to spaaaaaa. 

Who knows where my O.H.N will take me the rest of this year? Paris I hope! But I believe that any positive change in our lives begins with a solid determination in our spirit to not be easily moved. You may not feel comfortable with 18th century swear words to make your case but here are a few you can borrow…

Never again!

Not this time Betty!

Things are gonna change around here!

(insert your name) get it together.

Oh, heck no!

This ain’t happening on my watch!

Nobody puts Baby (Or insert pet name)  in a corner!

Whatever your phrase is, use it, use it for good! Use it to move forward! Use it to protect your heart, family and future!

What’s your motto?

Sarah B

One thought on “My “Oh Hell NO” in review”

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