Meet Former French Actress and Author Anne Cattaruzza

Meet Former French Actress and Author Anne Cattaruzza

When I gave my life to Christ at the age of 33, I was working as an actress in Quebec, mostly on a popular TV show. I had to make a lot of sacrifices to be where I was, when God asked me to give up my dream of acting. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

However, as I was developing an interest in writing, God put a dream in me of birthing Christian films made out of my stories. Thirteen years later, God’s dream is still alive. I have wrote a novel À la recherche de Shéïda which was awarded by The Word Guild in 2016. And the English version Searching for Sheida has just been released. I believe strongly that this story will one day reach the big screen, as I believe many people need to hear it. I wish to bring more awareness to what is happening in some countries around the world.

Don’t you think we should get back the arts & medias and be the ones who influence our nation rather than being influenced ?

It is time we get active and use the gifts God has trusted us with.

You know, one of my biggest fear would be to be asked by the Lord when in Heaven : What have you done with the talent I gave you ? Those are all the reasons why I write.


Searching for Sheida . . .: Two Women. Two Worlds. Two Destinies. One Decision That Changed It All

is an inspirational thriller where through international turmoil, fighting to stay alive and an Iranian woman’s impending execution, Elena, the main character, will discover faith, love and the unveiling of a dark secret from her past…
SEARCHING FOR SHEÏDA while addressing international current issues, tells a unique family story with characters either based in Quebec, Paris or Tehran, offering the reader a uniquely exotic experience and allowing him to travel on a voyage across the globe in an action-packed story…

When Elena leaves for Iran, she hasn’t a clue as to what awaits her. Her mission: To recue Sheïda, an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning. The moment she arrives, all chaos breaks loose. A group of women’s protest turns into a blood bath and Elena suddenly disappears. In love with Elena and a fervent believer, Samuel decides to go and find her before Elena’s mother could give him a heads up about her own troubled past. What secret could have pushed this mother to hire a private detective, a detective whom Samuel will join up with in Tehran? What happened to Elena? Will Sheïda be spared from certain death? Amidst an international conflict and her own family drama, Elena will have to fight to stay alive…


 Born in France, award-winning author ANNE CATTARUZZA made herself known as an actress to the Quebec audience while playing in television series as well as an author (SALIMA, was one of her first plays to be produced on stage at the Monument-National of Montreal in 2000 followed by an audio-book she directed in 2004).
SEARCHING FOR SHEÏDA is her first novel and was first published in French under the title À LA RECHERCHE DE SHEÏDA by Scripsi Editions in Europe & Quebec in 2014. Anne has won THE WORD GUILD fiction Award of 2016 for her French version.
Anne released a novella, TOM’S WIFE (available only in French under the title LA FEMME DE TOM which was bestseller in May 2016 in France and Canada (Amazon).
Anne Cattaruzza has been a member of SACD (Dramatic Society of Authors & Compositors) since 2004 and a member of The Word Guild (Christian Canadian Guild of authors) since 2015

  • Word Guild Award-winner for À LA RECHERCHE DE SHÉÏDA, June 2016, Canada (French version of “SEARCHING FOR SHEIDA”)
  • Amazon bestseller on (France) & (Canada), for LA FEMME DE TOM, May 2016

Look For Anne’s book here – Searching for Sheida . . .: Two Women. Two Worlds. Two Destinies. One Decision That Changed It All.

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