What do Young Women Need to Hear?

In about 2 hours I have 20 young women coming to my house. I will be teaching them about …..ummmmm…….something? Anything?

I am not so sure what that something will be, yet. I’m not usually this much of a procrastinator, ask my hubby, he knows how  “over prepared” I can be for things like this. But for some reason, I just have a peace that it will come, but I need your help.


I’m sitting down to brainstorm, so I thought I would collaborate with you.


What I know right now is that being an 18/19 year old woman in today’s world is not easy, and what they want to hear and what they need to hear are totally different. I’m trying to reflect on what I would have needed to hear at that age, but these group of girls know Jesus, I didn’t. They’re in bible college, surrounded by mentors, I wasn’t.


So what does a young, female, bible college student need to learn from someone who grew up caught up in every entanglement imaginable?


I feel that the pure desire of a young woman is to love, to be loved (feel valued) and to be happy.


So if I am to facilitate in one meeting, how they can get there, what would I tell them?



#1 . Don’t settle.

#2.  Accept Who you are.

#3. Take control of your emotions

#4.  Take your thoughts captive. 


Can you add to this list? What does a young woman in today’s world need to know? 

Comment below, or comment on my Facebook Page Thread.  

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They are worthy of their dreams. 🙂

(if they are single) They need to learn to love themselves and be content with being single and in love with Jesus before seeking a man…..well at least that’s how it happened with me. I needed to learn and I did learn that once I found my self complete and satisfied in Jesus, it was only then that he blessed me with a man. Won’t happen like that for everyone, but it may happen for some. Biggest thing I suppose is learning to love your self at that age and not find worth in what a guy thinks of you.… Read more »
Look at what the lie the devil was telling you with each of ‘the entanglements’ you were caught up in. How we struggle may present itself differently but I suspect the devil uses some of the same lies to trap young women. And I know for me I learn best when I hear personal testimonies of God working in someone’s life. My advise is be vulnerable and expose the lies that trapped you. Bible college or not, I think young women would would be able to learn best about how to get freedom and victory in their lives from another… Read more »