Transition Times

I know it is only 2 hours – 3 times a week, but I just dropped my almost 4-year-old off at play school this morning. 

We held one another tightly, he hid behind my leg as I hid behind my smile.

I can’t believe this is here. I thought to myself.

IMG_7598I will absolutely love the break, and the chance to spend that time investing in my home and my writing, but I have not been without a stay at home child in 15 years. 

I look back at the crazy years, one in which I made into a funny video years back. It’s had 14,000 page views on You Tube, I think because moms relate. The house was a disaster, I was totally over my head, and there wasn’t a moment of peace. Don’t get me wrong, my house is still in shambles most of the time, and at 3:30 when all the kids come through the doors after school, it is chaos. But my days are quieter, and I can actually get dressed in the mornings without being pooped on or thrown up on, and that’s nice.

I’m not sure what this year of transition will bring for me. Transitioning into a new phase of motherhood is not easy.IMG_3158 I still have a few years before all my children are in full-time school, but it goes by so fast. It’s going to be really strange transitioning from my child centred days, to just me. It’s scary, to be honest. 

So today I came home, cried a little, had breakfast, came to my room, laid on my bed and prayed my guts out. Thanking God for all he has done in my life, and my family’s life. I thanked him and begged him for help
 for the year ahead. I prayed for wisdom, creativity, breakthrough and blessing. 

I had told myself that the times my son is in play school it is my time to start that book I have been dreaming of starting for years!

So, please pray for me, as I transition from “Me!, NO me!, me me!,”  – to just ME. 


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